Monday, February 10, 2014

Dabbling in Acrylics!

 Image: 1 Hank's acrylic painting entitled 'The Beak'

Image: 2 'The follow through' in acrylic, Hank's other Love

Much a studio person so to speak
Not ventured to paint out in the open
Only indoors careful not out to sneak
Remained safe in Hank’s own domain

Relaxed scenario a peaceful stake
Away from prying eyes of strangers
On occasions they dared to make
Remarks much to one’s annoyance

Dabbled in acrylics for its convenience
Fast drying medium unlike that of oils
And unlike water-colors it did not run
Open in a later stage to switch over

Took time and lots of concentration
Unlike poetry took some days to complete
But once done derived lots of satisfaction
Considered fulfilled a personal good deed

Note: Had based this on Claudia's prompt at Saturday's
d'Verse Poetics: Sketch Poetry

For Kerry's hosting at Real Toad's Open Link Monday


  1. Great verse Hank, very imaginative.

  2. Can take lots of hard work to get things done for the win, nice art indeed at your bin

  3. Love this confession of the closet artist, planning to keep the door to the studio closed. But this is also a loosening up, a peekaboo. I love how you let your images feed this poem.

  4. I love your playful endeavor… I think it a good thing to be alone with your art while creating it… we all have enough inner critics, and don't need assistance in that department from others.

  5. Hank, your acrylics are fantastic! It must be so satisfying to produce a work of art you can hang on the wall! Cool poem!

  6. Love your art work, Hank! Hope you share more here.

  7. Hank, I love the contrast in your artwork, the expressionist and the realistic. Great use of color. Now I am determined to "do" acrylics, which I've been thinking about.

    As to process: Riley (daughter) also likes to be left alone when working. I'll email you some of her stuff... she doesn't use an IPod, just the noise-canceling headphones, because she enjoys the "sounds" she hears as she creates. A whole 'nother creature, my girl. LOVED this, both for pix and for poem. Amelita