Thursday, February 27, 2014

The New WhatsApp Billionaires

                                                                                             Attribution: Kabeleger
Image: A Swiss Success (here)

The Given Words:
3WW: aspire, beast, slurp 
Theme Thursday: playful 
Poets United: success

To aspire for success is to slurp for many things
There is only the beast in us that plays the devil
Which negates positive efforts and  end frustrating
Playful and being non-committal are twin evils

Is it true success is a function of time and money
Corresponding twin elements that spell happiness
An epitome of honor that begets glory
Meticulously planned and implemented to harness

The fruits of labor so desirous to one’s heart
A time-frame not equitable to attention given
Tools of the trade and desire are poles apart
Resolve stunted by pain of bankruptcy even

Recent new WhatsApp billionaires tell the story
Not just good fortune and luck to fare in business
Uncanny talents of an innovator are necessary
Awareness of a demand deficiency invokes a genius

Written for Thomg's hosting at 3WW, Mrsupole's
at Theme Thursday and Susan's at Poets United


  1. i do think effort plays a role in success...the problem being how we define it in the first place...who needs a billion dollars you know...wen there are so many that are struggling.

  2. A big dose of luck is also needed in that coffee I reckon..I love the conquering the impossible..or working to find a way ahead? Either way is good

  3. I think its apt to fame new billionaires with words of time and money--but I am not sure how playful vs. non-committal fit in. Are you saying that these twin evils negate success?

    1. Being playful and non-committal makes one less responsible. Efforts are then compromised. So I thought! Thanks Susan!


  4. This may be true but some people no matter how much effort can never achieve true wealth or success.Success has to be measured by your inner self not by others.

  5. Luck, hard work and timing are key. But who needs that much?

  6. They just work and do what they please once they get there, crushing all with a train that are in their path

  7. Hank,

    The runaway pressures to succeed, take over and dominate the minds of some business entrepreneurs. An obsession, which usually leads to the need for more and more. Sometimes success dangerous, without a balance in life.
    Eileen :)

  8. Nice lines triggering so many thoughts....I like the expression 'Uncanny talents of an innovator' in this connection...

  9. A really enjoyable read, i liked the flow throughout the journey this poem brought me to.

  10. Hard work needs to be coupled with savvy and talent. Some work hard, but not smart. Nice work on this one.

  11. interesting form as if i was traveling upward on a ladder.... as we travel forward in years there are revelations along the way... i see that in your words.... thou it cracks me up abt the app... there's an app for everything you could possibly imagine....