Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A House Forgotten!

                                                                                      Author: Irving Rusinow
Image: Abandoned (here)

The 29 chosen words:
jade, insulated, chandeliers
weather, scattered, mourning
albatross, plague, plucked
messengers, wings, difficult
quest, mysteries, royal, journey
believe, thousand, tumble
guttural, deceit, sea, peeled,
pessimism, mindless, tornado,
hummingbirds balancing,

Jaded with age the chandeliers hung precariously
Insulated from vagaries of the weather it withstood forlornly
Below scattered as though in mourning were books
Of various shapes and colors plucked from the shelves
Like a plague these were extended across the room 

The grandfather clock was no more working
A shawl covering its face, was like an albatross dangling
Waiting in the wings were messengers in their quest
to take in some of the spoils where possible

Difficult to perceive the mysteries of a royal journey
Taking a thousand tumble to believe that deceit
was just a guttural irritant in a sea of pessimism

Keeping eyes peeled in mindless throes of the
whirlwind tornado it could only wish the noiseless
flapping of the hummingbirds could accord a balance

For We Write Poems Wordle #8 and shared with
Brian's hosting at d'Verse's OpenLinkNight


  1. the shawl covered face like albatross hanging was an interesting line...old houses are intriguing to me...so many relics of earlier life...i love grandfather clocks too...though sad this one is no longer working....

  2. Your poem reminds me of how I feel about old houses. That they still retain a whisper of the energy and story of those who once lived there. The clock draped with a shawl is an old tradition and speaks to the death of one of its inhabitants. Your closing lines only add to the mystery. Good wordle weaving,


  3. This is very good, you have done an amazing job with the words given.

  4. There can be much life still in old houses, one just has to stop and have a look

  5. An excellent challenge and very well executed!

  6. Hank, great job weaving these words..an old house in mourning but, waiting to breathe and tell its stories..

  7. Wow, you did a marvelous job, using the words and putting some life, in a poetic sort of way back! I always wonder about houses left alone to decay like that, it's so sad.

  8. You weaved in the words from the wordle so seamlessly sot there was nothing forced in it at all.. the imagery of the albatross, and the closing hummingbird lines are both exquisite...

  9. Hank, I would not have known this was a wordle poem if you had not told me. Nicely described...

  10. What a sad and depressing house ~ You did a good job of weaving the words Hank ~

  11. Hank! My Lord, what a poem. Funny how I know you have all those words and more in your arsenal, and yet, when confronted with such an intense set of words, you make it all work. This is a strong piece of writing, especially the albatross and that very first line, with the words, "Jaded with age," amazing stuff., Amelita

  12. Amazing. Love the old house and this is just such a powerful write. Well done!

  13. This is so well done Hank, beautifully woven with the words given.