Saturday, January 31, 2015

Plays host as most mothers do care

                                                                                                Attribution: Stefan Xp
Image: Brood care of the Black Redstart (here)

The given words:
day cloud humility host measure spend 
state spread race ticking rescue patron

Great day outside with lots of cloud cover
The horizon seems unblemished but inviting
Sleepy heads rehearsing acts of hunger
But the brood is not really appreciating

Mother bird a Black Redstart in all humility
Plays host as most mothers do care
A measure of love in earnest and sincerity
To spend her time enacting a state of despair

For only one is aware of her presence
Very much a spread reflecting youngsters' reluctance
A race often preceded with show of objections
A ticking off to be out of bed in all innocence

When dislodged from their comfort zones
There is that lone voice of moderation
Have always been there when we needed them
Mothers to the rescue a patron of a great invention

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #197 and
Claudia's hosting at d'Verse OpenLinkNight - January


  1. mothers are always there when you need them
    there is little that compares to the love and sacrifice of mothers...

  2. Mothers are sure there no matter what, always ready to help

  3. Sometimes, dislodging the young 'uns from their comfort zones is in their best interests and Mother knows best!! Great picture to go with this!

  4. Mother birds come to the rescue just as human mothers do....what would life be like without them?

  5. Hank, love that pic as I imagine the little birds singing.

  6. A heartfelt tribute to mothers in general, whether they are human or animal mothers.

  7. ...sleepy heads rehearsing acts of hunger...I've seen that and like it.

  8. the love and care of a mother is something wonderful...

  9. It is beautiful of course. However the darker side is that for all her efforts in getting them hatched, fed and fledged many will not survive the remaining summer and even less the winter when they are on their own.

  10. Those motherly feelings are fierce when the young one are threatened

  11. This makes me long for spring's arrival, Hank!

  12. The patron saint of invention and the lone voice of moderation... and the epitome of under-appreciation! An interesting use of the prompts. I love watching birds in their nests - but it will be a while yet before we have that here.

  13. We never appreciate mom until after we grow up.

  14. Oh, give us a Spring sooner...~ Nice words about mothers and great pic. too :)x

  15. That voice of moderation, I like that for the role of mother ~ Good one Hank ~

  16. Nice use of the words, Hank. Recently I heard someone ask an acquaintance, a mother of 5 children, what kind of work she did. Duh!

  17. This is lovely, Hank. I love the photo.

  18. This is a lovely poem. Women...mothers, mother-figures are pretty special. Lovely photo also. I love it when 10 or 15 birds perch on the fence outside my cell window and sing.