Wednesday, January 14, 2015

One often gets distracted!

                                                                                      Attribution: Ienarc
Image: Happy birthday, Gramps! (here)

distracted genuine modest
Poets United  - unbirthday

One often gets distracted
After all nothing much has changed
Days have not been different
Not for those in the golden years
And not at this age to be jolted

But it does happen
Genuine outpourings
By the siblings and grandees
Surprise! Gramps, happy birthday!
Caught by surprise
Might even trigger off a heart attack!
No fooling, there were known cases!

A general request, young fellas
Just a modest one will do.

Hold your horses!
Gramps had been known to have said
He has been applying the brakes
The years piled up fast lately
Gramps was 50 only some while ago
Now he is over 60
He is fast approaching 70!

He is being asked to slow down
Some physical activities are causing concern
He on his part is also asking
It is too fast for comfort
The years should slow down too!


For Thomg's hosting at 3WW #410 and
Susan's Poets United's Mid-week Motif =  unbirthdays


  1. Beutifuul, Hank! I've never read about birthdays from a grandparent's perspective before. To love the attention, to be astonished at the surprise (hold onto your heart!), and yet wish to ignore some of the counting of time passing, to slow it all down--very poignant! And a little humorous too.

  2. When I'm 70, I hope someone throws me a surprise birthday party and when I blow the candles out, my false teeth will go flying across the room and quite possibly end up in someone's lap. :) enjoyed this latest read! Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a perfect ending to this lovely poem, Hank.

  4. The years are certainly shorter after will see.

  5. Oh Hank, I hear you! Each month is like a week! It's scary. It's nice the young ones are making a fuss of their grandpa, because they have a cool one!!!!

  6. Thank you for the recent visit Hank!

  7. i feel ya! i like the way we say it in spanish; feliz compleanos. its direct translation is happy years completed

  8. A beautiful poem, penned down! :)

  9. Sadly, the older we get, the fast those years whiz by.

  10. smiles...there does come a time when you have to be careful with the older...and i think at times the younger generation does need to be slowed down to approciate some things too....

  11. Age can sure cause pain and make one slow down a bit. But then catch 22 as time seems to speed up as well.

  12. Nice to write about Grandpa. I like the ending where Grandpa wants the years to slow down. That's how I feel. Enjoyed this Hank.

  13. Love the spirit of 'gramp' and your write showed the love and how you're proud of him. ~ Blessings!

  14. I love the little bit of laughter that this poem brings to the plate, because it is important to live and laugh. This is a wonderful poem in tribute to your grandpa.

  15. What a lovely tribute...why slow down if you can keep enjoying things!

  16. a lovely tribute... not slowing down is what is keeping my MIL going she'll be 80 this year.

  17. Great poem, makes me remember my grandpa and think of my dad.

  18. and at 90 be sure to eat the cake and forget the need to eat healthy. Great poem Hank!!!