Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shreds of her heart strewn all over

                                                                                       Photo Credit: Kirsty Mitchell
Image: Damsel Deep in Thoughts (here)

Fair maiden begrudging absence of her beau
What contributed to dissident thoughts brewing
She could well take it sanely when he said adieu
Still she was now dreary dreaming and lamenting

Beyond the ocean high riding the torrid big waves
Prone to adventure overcoming tortuous terrain
Extending bravery tormenting his soul so he craved
She failed to understand workings of a miniscule brain

Day-dreaming with shreds of her heart strewn over
Held on to objects reminding her of safe sea journey
Miniature boat held tightly of her undaunted ardor
Providence’s protection sought to return home safely

For Yves' hosting of Photo Challenge #44
- sleeping ship at  Mindlovemisery's Menagerie and
Marian's Tuesday Platform at Real Toads


  1. He made his choice and broke her heart.

  2. Maybe she should dump him Sad to imagine the boat sailing off until it is a speck in the distance. I love the contrast of ocean waves and shreds of heart.

  3. This poem could easily be attached to a picture of the Titanic. A woman being lost out at sea, and knowing that somehow she will be found.

    You picture you attached to this reminded me of the Lady of the Lake for some reason.

  4. What dream may sail...

    ...wonderful image (the painting and the words).

  5. I enjoyed your interpretation of the beautiful photo!

  6. You have captured a heavy heart beautifully!

  7. This pulled me in and kept me there--beautiful write Hank!

  8. This picture was a challenge I thought. You've have written of shredded heart well.

  9. Beautiful words written by a heartbroken soul...

  10. A soul crushed as the boat became nothing but a distant memory

  11. Sad.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  12. Perhaps they both pushed each other away. Beautiful poetry here..

  13. Wow Hank, this pulled at my heartstrings. I think this is one of my favorites of yours. Reflective with each wave of emotion. Oh, to have a heart crushed on the shoreline of eternity.

  14. The vision of a shredded heart is so painful. You have written so well the agony of a broken heart.

  15. the poor lass, how awful for her

    much love

  16. I could really feel her worries and her yearning. Hope he does return home safely.