Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Experimenting with ideas unnerving!

                                                                    Attribution: Totomai Martinez
Image: Getting the Perfect Capture (here)

3WW, the given words:
amicable frivolous unrefined

Proposing to be amicable with his quest
Trivia of locations perceived to be friendly
A photographer wanting to be the best
To capture nature’s environmental beauty

Experimenting with ideas unnerving
Scenes stay unmoving as nature provides
But the camera is thrown up clicking
Or the photographer jumps up astride

Moving pictures sans any video set-up
Unrefined but not outwardly frivolous
Perhaps images are blurred a little in part
Modern tech can overcome that’s obvious

To invoke such out of the box techniques
May not be something new to the talented
Would be fun to see what one makes of it
Lest innovative wants are not left stunted

For Mary's hosting at d'Verse's Poetics:
Photography of Totomai Matinez and
Thomg's 3WW week #411


  1. Sometimes one has to think out of the box....and it definitely takes a talented person to do so.

  2. Going outside of the box can lead to many things, even if wrong you learn more than just doing the same old same old

  3. ha. i am a fan of out of the box thinking and innovation
    new ways excite i would go for it....

  4. It used to be capturing the moment, now it is capturing the millisecond and looking as though it was planned that way. Innovation leads to advancement; It is a human trait!

  5. it is interesting to take pictures in which you think out of the box

  6. Technology made it too easy to be within the box maybe, still we have to do our best - don't. we?

  7. You put a lot into this one, Hank. Very good!

  8. A unique perspective Hank! And as Bjorn said, I do feel that technology has made creativity and natural talent difficult to hone.

  9. it's always fufilling to try different styles and techniques especially the outcome is satisfying :)

  10. Experimenting with ideas is always a good thing...unless, of course, they prove to be too unnerving!

  11. Thank goodness the box isn't sealed!

  12. I'm afraid my nerves would get the best of me! Can I borrow your poetic brain sometimes? This is amazing.. You incorporated the words quite well! Funny how much fun and creativity can be found in one little box. The sky is the limit!