Tuesday, January 6, 2015

ripples of life’s journey in reality

                                                                              Attribution:Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Image: Courtesy of MLMM  (here)

Two of a kind together hemmed in
Shouldering life’s indulgence profusely
Extending a support of five on five
Reflecting on how unwieldy impacting

Clear view of expectations brewing
Visual picture accentuating its burden
Can ten on ten wrought with heaviness
Sustain a glare of test of times?

Perhaps the image intruding in duplicates
Will seduce a mind to readiness in form
To explore eventualities of acceptance
To favor difficulties in sharpness of contrast
Yet swaying in ripples of life’s journey in reality

Devoid of smoothness yearned desperately
By those who strive to better themselves
Kinks bends and pebbles along the way
Scattered about are obstacles to overcome
Unobtrusive but there placed as crazy-paving
To rightly resolve with natural flair and some

For Bastet's hosting at Mindlovemisery's Menagerie
Wave Machine*” Photo Challenge #42 – 6 and
Marian's hosting of Tuesday's Platform at Real Toads


  1. 5 by 5 some can surely be, as the pebbles and bumps get in the way but they continue on persevering through

  2. Life's ups and downs are always there but we should keep moving ahead. Happy 2015!

  3. Counting to 10... yes we can solve a lot with just that.

  4. Can the ten of reality become the ten of reflection?

  5. it is all part of the journey you know....the ups the downs...and making it through....ever moving us on to who we are becoming...

  6. I like it when someone writes a poem about contrasting differences of equality and cause and effect. These types of poems really get the reader wondering and thinking, and I know for a fact that this is important in poetry. You really captured the balance of decision making.

  7. this was like riding a roller coaster... it kept moving

  8. I for one certainly enjoyed the rhythm and flow. It definitely kept moving right along. It reminded me of Dr. Gregory House in a way, very wity, chatty, clever with a hint of sarcasm, but it's hard to argue with the mastermind of course, because it all makes sense! Some might argue that it's the sad part, but I find it refreshing! LOL! I like it!! :)

  9. those ups and downs temper us and make us more steady; Best Wishes for 2015

    much love...

  10. great write! really enjoyed the last stanza, it is true, in this crazy life we must keep moving!

  11. We travel those ups and downs and know they make us more determined to achieve.