Thursday, January 8, 2015

It was a rave that took the world by storm

                                                                                       Attribution: DeFacto
Image: The Mini 1967 (here)

A cutie a beauty when it made its debut
A phenomena not expected
It was a rave that took the world by storm

Hank was extremely thrilled to acquire one 
in the late 60’s and it was even just a used model 
Financed through the limited stipend of a first job
It was a luxury of untold satisfaction then

Billed as a classic British engineering feat
Direct result to counter the then fuel guzzlers
Prompted by  the fuel shortage caused 
by the "1956 Suez Crisis"
A compact small car came into being

Made possible by having the engine block
“Transversed with a front-wheel-drive configuration
This space-saving layout allowed 80% of the
floor space for passengers and luggage”
This ingenuity made the Mini to be voted
in 1999 as the “second most influential car
 of the 20th century, behind the Ford Model T”

The Mini brought back lots of nostalgia of Hank’s
courting days with Shadah now Hank's loving wife

Note: One is 'to summon up memories 
of that first mode of transport, the one
that gave you the freedom to get from
A to B with no one else butting in'

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  1. cool...a little mini would be fun...
    mine was a pick up truck...cause dad could borrow it and haul stuff
    i think he was living out his own hopes in my first vehicle...ha

    1. Those were the days, Brian! It was more fun then juggling with limited means but enjoying it all the more!


  2. Like reading this, a fun read, Hank. I liked the Mini's too. I had a used, one-owner, 1962 VW Beetle with a fold back roof. It was a fun car. My kids killed it when they could drive and I had turned it over to them (twins).

  3. Really cool, Hank. I had on old VX bug - that's a sort of German mini.

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  4. Love it.. especially how important it was meeting your wife.. love those little minis.. and they are truly classic (though I have heard that they sold them at a loss)...

  5. Allowing you to court your wife sure makes it all the more special, mine wasn't a mini but pretty much the same size haha

  6. I owned a Mini in the mid 1960's. She was blue and I loved her almost as much as I loved my wife! Sadly I had to choose between them when I came to Australia. (I am joking of course).

  7. I'm sure it wasn't the car that attracted your wife :)

  8. I would love to have one of those now.....damn. That was really cool. " a luxury of untold satisfaction" is as perfect a description as there is. Great work and thanks so muck for playing!!!

  9. Love this and honestly adore the ending. Wonderful!