Thursday, January 22, 2015

Made to bloom on New Year’s Day

                                                                                               Attribution: I Sacek Sr
Image: Pheasant's Eye (Fukujusoo) (here)

Given pride of place
Pheasant’s Eye programmed and to
bloom on New Year’s Day

Bright breezy colors
Dotting the landscape at length
Presence apparent

Pheasant’s Eye missing
a point of wonder wherefore
yearning to be seen

For Chev's CARPE DIEM #652 fukujusoo


  1. Life is full of wonder! Lovely Hank! As always!

  2. Such a presence is a welcome sight indeed

  3. What a beautiful sight and beautiful words to welcome the new year! :)

  4. I love the idea of "programmed to bloom" and "pride of place" -- interesting, and quite appropriate. Nicely done :)

  5. new years day is a great day to have a bit of color...
    perhaps to cut through the greys...


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