Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pair stood still in the mist

                                                                              Atrribution: Georgia's 'The Lawn'
Image: Courtesy of MNMM (here)

Cool day quiet early morning
Pair stood still in the mist
As happy lovers holding hands
Just waiting for the kiss

A lawn well maintained bathed in green
Textured well manicured
Snug hidden beneath the mountains
And feeling well secured

Could life be all in abundance
Felt so good together
That accorded to young lovers
In such ideal weather

Note: One is to look into alternating iambic 
tetrameter – trimester (that is 8 syllable beats 
(unstressed/stressed which is an iamb) with 6 
syllable beats unstressed/stressed) often called
'common measure’  Not certain if common 
measure is achieved here

For Georgia's hosting at Mindlovemisery's Menagerie
BJ's Shadorma and Beyond  -  common measure


  1. Such a place as lovers frolic and um do other things, sure has its perks

  2. Ah yes, I linger in those thoughts of ideal weather.

  3. So what if the meter isn't strict (neither is mine), it's a good poem.

  4. And those two trees make quite a pair...

  5. Great poem, and I agree with Vivi the meter needn't be strict, as Emily would have told you herself. I'm especially happy with how you described the trees as being like young lovers. Thanks for linking in, Bastet.

  6. Love the peaceful atmosphere of lawn, esp. 'Textured well manicured' ~ Nice take on the prompt.