Monday, January 26, 2015

Modern-day Explorer - OP Yusuf Hashim (YH#1)

                                                                                           Attribution: Yusuf Hashim
Image: Courtesy of OP Yusuf Hashim (here)

Modern Day Explorer #1
Hank takes great pride in introducing Yusuf Hashim, a modern-day explorer and
photographer who gallivants the globe in search of adventure.Yusuf has graciously
allowed his rare and priceless photos to be shared in blogosphere. Hank and Yusuf
were in school together and have known each other since 1962.

For today Hank had chosen the above photo which is most unusual and most fascinating
and matched it with the prompt of 10 words provided by MLMM. This is the first in a series
of photos of the Modern-day Explorer Yusuf Hashim

Yusuf Hashim says,
Last year, I took a small group of photographers into a cattle camp of the Nuer people, deep in the under belly of Ethiopia – specifically the Baro Valley in the Gambella Region of Ethiopia. No sensible tourists ever comes here, simply because there are no tourist facilities

For today, I am posting a photo of how Nuer people stimulate their cows to yield more milk. Be amazed by this photo of a young Nuer lady, actually planting her entire face into the vagina of a cow, and blowing inside it, while caressing the udder area of the lucky cow. It seems, cows with calves will usually constrict the flow of milk, to conserve some for their offspring. Doing what this girl is doing seems to fool the cows into releasing more milk

The given words:
prevaricate (to give the wrong impression) fixture
reckless force pride  stupor blinding jaw chord body 

This was not in any way to prevaricate the obvious
A fixture that conveyed a thousand words
A responsibility may one construe appearing reckless
But still a responsibility taken with ardent efforts

It would bring sniggers, yes, but not to bother
This had been the way as long as she could remember
Light force imposed but it was no laughing matter
It had to be done and it had worked before

She had to do it she gleamed with pride
Not unlike in a drunken stupor in a blinding flash
She thrust her whole face, jaws and stretched them wide
Strong vocal chords blew into the inner body so blessed

To hoodwink the cow into releasing more milk
Simultaneously caressing the udder with relish      
Perhaps some cheap thrills for the cow but it worked
But that’s the way it had been and mission accomplished

For Georgia's Mindlovemisery's Menagerie
Monday Wordle # 45 and
Kerry's  Tuesday Platform at Real Toads


  1. I learned something new, I am fascinated by life stories

  2. I learned something new! Good thing there was an explanation. In her world, that's what they do to survive.

  3. Wow, what some people will do for milk. Never knew any of that. I'd have to be dying of thirst to every stick my face there though.

  4. Now there is a trick I never knew about.

  5. I can't believe my eyes. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  6. the world is large and strange

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  7. It's exactly as you said, Hank, no laughing matter, mission accomplished.
    Learn something new today. Thanks, Hank. :)

  8. Once you know how to do it, why should you do in any other way.. Maybe today somebody would invent a machine to do the same thing.. (without proper credit to the inventors)

  9. hahahaha....oh my....seriously the pic arrested me
    but what an interesting technique....

  10. I know that I wouldn't ever perform this feat, but definitely something interesting and odd just the same.

  11. im sooooooooooooooooooo glad my milk comes from the grocery store

    have a good Tuesday

    much love...

  12. Grew up on a farm and never heard of that. But then on a dairy farm, calves are taken from their mothers as soon as they're born. The cow forgets within a day or so and doesn't save any milk.

  13. I am now lactose intolerant Thanks for sharing this learn something new everyday. :-)

  14. Good morning.

    Thanks for sharing this. Didn;t know it;s done this way

  15. Thanks for the unusual and educational. Startling photo but your explanation (good use of the wordle words) gave it sense and perspective.


  16. That is one educational story that I will not forget.

  17. Wow. Never in my wildest imaginations...

  18. Wonderful dissertation in poetry, Hank, of a 'find' of the explorer. From age five until 16 when I left home for college I milked cows every morning and every evening.

    Yes, the cow which has just calved doesn't give as much milk as they do later in their 'milking season.' I always thought it was Mother Nature's way of taking care of the hunger growth of the growing calf. Of course we weaned the calves and sold the cream to a creamery.