Saturday, January 24, 2015

Moving layers of carpets

Image: Field of Daisies (here)

Not be mistaken
White on white across the field
White daisies hold court
Other colors hold sway too
Varied variety are seen

Swaying in the winds
Leading little white cartwheels
Racing over greens
Moving layers of carpets
Fluid apparently alive

Keeping intact secrets shared
Honesty begets the same
Keeping pace with clouds
Moving slowly up above
Contending as friends

Safe haven at mountain-sides
Across serene green valleys
Bidding time with strength
Symbolic of many things
White daisies revered

For Chev's CARPE DIEM Little Creatures #16  -  daisies


  1. interesting tanka sequence

    have a good Saturday

    much love...

  2. the mountains do make for a great metaphor to explore....standing strong in spite of the elements, though eroding a bit as well....

  3. Head for the hills and safety it can provide, as everything stays intact

  4. Your poem makes me wanna join the sway of these moving layers of carpets. Lively & beautiful to read, Hank. I certainly enjoyed this.

    - ksm

  5. We find the way to go on. Thank You

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  6. What a great story you've written I enjoyed it very much! Bastet

  7. "Keeping intact secrets shared" that's what I think of with daisies, they don't tell. Nice Hank