Monday, February 2, 2015

Warmth of foxtrot and grace of tango

Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag  (here)

The given words:
blustery (windy) imprint refractive 
warmth grind foam retro (designating
the style of an earlier time) sip cocoa 
nacreous (resembling mother of pearl)

The blustery winds of the northern star
Was an imprint of the resounding sixties
Refractive and reflective of doors ajar
Allowing a new dance craze through swiftly

Righteous warmth of  foxtrot and grace of tango
Foaming at the mouth and grinding to a halt
Not to bother with slow slow quick quick slow
Rather turn and tumble of Rock and Roll's assault

The Twist later brought some semblance of control
But the backbreaking Limbo brought back a retro
A lone contender expected to slip under the pole
Egged on by a boisterous crowd with 'how low can you go'

A teenager's crowd more of dance steps just learning 
Sipping beer hot chocolate or cocoa but still having a ball
None of those that delved into the hot hard drug scene
But all sane nacreous of value often with parental approval 

For Tess' Magpie Tales # 256  -  picture prompt and
Yves' hosting at Mindlovemisery's Menagerie # 46


  1. Nice rhythm!
    I could never do the limbo.

  2. ha. its kinda like that comedian who does the history of dance...
    the dances change with each generation...
    pushing the envelope a bit more...

  3. I used to teach the twist! As for the limbo - NO!

  4. Things really do change dance wise over time. I tried the limbo before, made it pretty far before falling on my butt

  5. Excellent response to the prompt...

  6. Great poem Hank, hope to be back more often until my life is sorted out.

  7. that reminded me of our first dance parties...they were kinda freaky...smiles

  8. I am learning how to dance. Maybe this'll give me more inspiration, Hank :)

  9. It is indeed a pearl of value you have assembled here , mate

  10. the awkwardness of those teen years- good one!

  11. This does have a nice rhythm and I love the direction you took! I cannot imagine myself doing the limbo lol