Thursday, March 31, 2016

A colorful episode to encounter

                                                                                           Image: Courtesy of MLMM
Image: Shadowing his Person (here)

He saw himself trudging along
Alone in the hazy wilderness
To place himself in proper perspective
As in the eyes of the artist
Brush in hand creating an image
A colorful episode to encounter
He was bent on going at his fancy

But at the back of his mind
There appeared to be a larger force
Contending to accord him protection
Larger than life imposing its will
Pulling back his braces
To stall an expected journey
Smack against going with confidence

Such is the push and pull peril
Desirous of testing the unknown
But unknowingly being pulled back by forces
Bent on solace and protection
But viewed as a hindrance to progress

MLMM's Tale Weaver #59  -  journey


  1. What an excellent write Hank. wonderful to read this sunny bright spring day.

  2. Keep on trucking along and yet stuck, sometimes that is the way

  3. Lovely poem Hank in which you explore the concept of a journey within the artists mind So well done and thanks for participating in the Tale Weaver..

  4. Interesting title it seems to be a visionary journey to see himself an almost out of body experience.

  5. Some say that with all of our technology we have forgone the use of our own brain and the compounded computations of Intuition.

    All those times we do move when we hesitate...That is what your story reminds me of ;)