Thursday, March 17, 2016

Saintly in attitude ever pragmatic and reliant

                                                                      Attribution: Sa.balamurugan
Image: Mother Teresa statue (here)

Outwardly righteous an unblemished person
Tirelessly less bothered by angry seas so blue
Help extended to the poorest and downtrodden
Kind soul triggered into action without a cue

Made her presence through stormy weather fondly
Resolutely pleasant never a desire to offend
Rational in thinking not to shirk responsibility
Saintly in attitude ever pragmatic and reliant

Ordinarily too ideal a person within ever exist?
Even in a lifetime one hungered to discover
Perhaps if one pursued enough to rightly persist
Blessed Teresa of Culcutta a saint for all to adore

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Grace's OpenLinkNight #168


  1. I guess saintliness is something to strive for. But, how wonderful are those who give and give without any thought of being singled out as saints.

  2. Saints sure come in all sizes, those not recognized or seeking it are usually the ones that deserve it most.

  3. It hardly seems possible that such purity exists and yet one such soul is a clue that there are many and can be even more. Thanks!

  4. LOVE this poem especially the close..!

  5. Loved this, Hank. Mother Teresa, yes, so practical. It's like some people are parading around, all "saintly" and blameless... and they never get their hands dirty! Teresa reminded us all that there is loads of work to be done, and it's up to each one of us to get a move on. Love, Amelita

  6. Great choice, Hank.....she wasnt even striving to be a saint, only to help and care for the destitute. I love her selflessness so much.

  7. A wonderful tribute to a saintly woman.

  8. She's a true inspiration. Lovely tribute to her, Hank.

  9. Perfect, Hank. She is surely one to emulate!

  10. Tight poem - expressing perfectly the path to holiness and sainthood. I think this is a well constructed poem and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

  11. I think it's a great choice.. just the right unselfishness to write about.

  12. Our ideal, and she is a great inspiration ~

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  14. Some faiths teach that at any given time there are limited souls such like Mother Theresa who live and practice what they believe and have so much to teach in their quiet resourceful and resolute ways.

    A wonderful tribute.

  15. A remarkable woman with a huge heart...a great choice Hank

  16. Such a special woman--I got a hug from her when she opened a center in Detroit. I agree--saintliness has so much to do with treating others with care.

  17. To live such a virtuous life is not natural for anyone, which makes it that much more amazing when someone does so through daily choice and persistence

  18. A hard-worker indeed. I researched Mother Teresa at first...I'm glad you wrote of her and shared. Thank you!

  19. Mother Teresa was truly one of the greatest Saints of our time.
    In one of my social issues courses during college, we were asked to do a presentation about someone who made an impact on society as a whole...I chose to do my presentation on Mother Teresa. :)

  20. Sadly through Mother
    Teresa's words it seems
    she suffered from
    the emotional
    draining all
    too common
    the hero
    of empathy
    for all
    Anyway.. it is
    the help that
    counts.. and
    that she did