Wednesday, March 30, 2016

But would he survive?

                                                                                              Attribution: Thargol
Image: The crowd applauding (here)

Sunday Whirligig given words:
penguin wings beak loosen, stone survive 
preening (like a bird grooming itself with the
bill by rearranging its feathers)
reclaiming, thanks scratch bites

3WW given words:
elated flicker halting

Musing on his good fortune
Elated for one previously so privileged
Now like a penguin placed at the summit
Reaching out preening its wings
Its beak searching to loosen a stone
Tugging and threatening
He showed some early success
Boisterous and noisy     
Taking pot-shots at minorities
That was how happy he was

But would he survive
Those gullible were beginning to question
Reclaiming back their sanity
Thanks, no thanks
“we abhor your scratch and bites
the deprived deserved better"

There was still that flicker of hope
He was not about halting his fine run
He was doing everyone a favor
So he said with a smirk on his face

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  1. love that last line 'with a smirk on his face' it says everything about his contempt

  2. Sorry dude, you'll never succeed.
    Very clever how you did more than a poem about penguins!

  3. "Smirk" a word not often used but this was an excellent write Hank most enjoyable to always.

  4. I do not know if you had a muse for this poem, but it certainly places someone into my mind.

  5. That smirk will only get him so far for so long

  6. A hopeful sign when one can see beyond the facade.

  7. That penguin certainly thinks he's king of the mountain! Clever use of word list and incorporating a summit.

  8. You are an amazing multi-tasker Hank. Some food for thought on the stage here. Great writing for sure!!

  9. I think he will be caught up hiding one's true colors ~

  10. I just can't help thinking there's more to this than penguins, I know someone who thinks he's king of the hill. What an anthill it is...

  11. Ha, I am thinking of Donald Trump......LOL.

  12. Ha... I am like Sherry here... Nice one, Hank!:)

  13. Let's hope not - if like Sherry and Kelvin we are talking Trump - which may well become an apt metaphor in years to come

  14. Love the smirk on his face at the end....Trump? I do hope his 'fine run' will soon be halted.

  15. I don't know how those smirking types enjoy even a short run of success! Well done, Hank. Yes, you are quite the multi-tasker!

  16. A penguin walked up to a policeman and asked 'Have you seen my brother?' The policeman said 'What does he look like?'

    Keith's Tiny Tales! My obscure word today is absquatulate