Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It was so exhilaratingly exquisite

                                                                                                    Attribution: Cjbvii
Image: Pink Cherry Blossoms (here)

Issa's Haiku
Under the cherry
blossoms, there are
no strangers

Note: This haibun is inspired by Issa's haiku above

The Haibun
They readied their desire to be seen the night before. Under a sudden surge
they opened up in the morning to dazzle nature and man alike. Such was the
urge for the cherry blossoms to announce their presence and their entry into
the lives of those eagerly waiting.

The beauty of their kind was to be appearing right at the dot. Theirs was not to
stifle their yearnings but to be keeping to the schedule and to be seen of their
soft colors of pink and white.

It was so exhilaratingly exquisite more so when it was so anticipated and when
they peeked out at the right moment. The enthusiasm experienced was unreservedly 
exotic to be bathed under the cherry blossoms reverberating in innocence.
Everyone mingling around incessantly extending their hands of friendship to each
other. For some gracious moments of merry-making there were no strangers

As sudden as they appeared they took leave at precisely the right time, a presence 
fleetingly but for a few days until at the same day and time next year.

The Haiku 
a phenomena
devoid of promptings but to
appear as scheduled

For Toni's at d'Verse Haibun Monday
#10 - hanami (cherry blossoms)


  1. Fleeting, yes, and leaving at just the right time. It keeps them special, doesn't it.

  2. A few days of bright beauty, then it's gone...

  3. Smiled at the unprompted but on schedule cherry blossoms. I've never seen a cherry tree in bloom and think I should try and plant one in my garden - not sure whether it will grow in this area.

  4. Doesn't last long so one must take it in, but it can last forever in memory.

  5. The cycle is precisely what nature intends. It lends itself to our existence, if we dare to follow her lead, Hank!.

  6. How short and precious we can view and enjoy them Hank ~

  7. Everything is coming in and it's a joy to drive around the neighborhood. Lovely photo and the Haiku's amazing! I really need to try. :)
    Thanks for your comment on Alex's blog. So appreciated!

    @YolandaRenee from
    Defending The Pen
    Murderous Imaginings

    Yeah, I'm practicing my A to Z signature. LOL Are you ready for it?

  8. The way you write about their appearance and then - same time next year - almost seems to put a sort of mythology about them or like a ghost story - but not in a bad way. I like the thought of the expectation of them. I always check out the blossom forecast and then wait...and wait...and then - the first brownish red buds and then the breaking apart of that bud into pink or white...vindication! They have bloomed again. Thank you so much for responding to the prompt and for linking this wonderful haibun.

  9. What a lovely message, Hank!

  10. Beautiful words and those blossoms are always a delight!

  11. A great write Hank, message comes over wonderfully.

  12. It word 'exquisite" for cherry blossoms seems to say it all..and more. Happy spring, Hank.

  13. I like both the haiku you shared & the one you wrote.... both channeled truth! :)

  14. Ah.. yes..
    like art
    more beautiful than ever..

    Free Art