Sunday, March 13, 2016

force of the storm showed blithe disregard

                                                                                                   Attribution: Peter Békési
Image: Lovingly a kiss (here)

She came
Strutting peacock-like elegantly attractive
Her delicate beauty belies its toughness
She walked past him not acknowledging
but aware of his presence
She was a tad late so she thought
But he was sweating under the collar
Waiting anxiously
The minutes ticked slowly by!

He followed her keeping a safe distance
into the elevator out and a click of the key
She went in and he followed her into the room

As the ocean’s waves struck the shores
As the force of the storm showed blithe disregard
The raucous encounter paled the likes of Kama Sutra
Time stood still and it rendered the strength of purpose
to another level and he succumbed

They sat around by the bedside
talking sweet nothings and him not really listening
After an agonizing plight of empty talk tolerated
he hugged her and had his left hand
with the watch lovingly around her neck
He could peek at the time
on his watch without her noticing
Gosh! He was late!

He sheepishly cooked up an excuse
Hurriedly dressed and dashed out
The next one was a high profiled personality
not to be stood up

Thus the tension filled hazards of a
modern day gigolo!

For Brendan's at Real Toad's 
Sunday Mini Challenge  -  paramour


  1. haha nice trick with the watch, as he had more gigolo activities to do.

  2. That's a brilliant piece and the image is so apt.

  3. Such raucous encounters give the term 'paramour' both strength and endurance.

  4. I like that you wrote about a gigolo Hank. That wasn't you was it? Lol! I enjoyed it! Hugs!

  5. Oh... that sounds like the world's second oldest profession... But he seems to have a capacity to satisfy.

  6. Very descriptive snap shot of brief encounter. The brisk pace matches the mood.

  7. A paramour who gives himself to many, caring to satisfy all without giving insult to none. How marvelous! ;-D

    1. By the way, I really love the first three lines.

  8. Ha. Crazy! Glad he kept on schedule! k.

  9. i would say Sappho has nothing on this tricks of this fellows trade! lol

    this was a fun read.

  10. The illusion of caring has a price and a schedule to keep. Nicely done!!

  11. I imagine the sweet-nothings talk could definitely get to be mundane if it was one's job!