Monday, March 28, 2016

Why must it be him?

                                                                                              Attribution: LaurMG
Image: It's just frustrating! (here)

MLMM's 11 given words:
scald await passionless carcass gateway
isolophilia (a strong preference for being alone)
hallucinate mosaic shadow vinyl
opia (the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye

Scalded in his thoughts
A bonfire of letdown realized
To await for a passionless character
Who was somewhat a living carcass
That was what he thought of her when it happened
But not anymore
Now he was searching for a gateway
On how to make amends
Such was the urge not to be an isolophilia

He could not muster his courage to do it
By himself  he could only hallucinate
Through a mosaic of shadow play
That was all he could do

Like a wall of vinyl sheet obstructing his way
He found difficulty to stand opia in manner
To put a closure to the relationship
A finality to a friendship gone sour
So he thought but he could not
Frustrated by a lingering love for her
Why must it be him?

For MLMM's Wordle #103


  1. Always tough when a relationship ends...

  2. That sums up the end of even the best of relationships - well stated.

  3. Very sad at the end of a relationship especially if one thought things were going ok, on the other hand there are relationships that should have ended long before, I speak from experience.

  4. Can sure stir up a lot when the end comes a calling

  5. Unrequited love has its own rewards. In time, you find yourself the lucky one. But at the time, it is painful.

  6. he could only hallucinate, this poem aches Hank

    sorry for the long delay computer issues