Thursday, March 3, 2016

In all of its idyllic innocence

                                                                               Attribution: Donovan Driver
Image: A Rose on Offer (here)

A flower was offered to me
In all of its quietness and idyllic setting
Searched the heavens what it meant to be
Nothing untoward nothing wanting

Puffed up emotions filled his belly
To register a rationale and tone down the impact
Caught on the wrong foot a rebuff to his ability
So unsettling to his ego for a fact

In all goodness a flower to accept?
Its beauty of colors blew away the anger
Restrained of the pent-up feelings he felt
Honorable sidestep to avert pressure

For  Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif
-  a flower was offered to me


  1. "Its beauty of colors blew away the anger / Restrained of the pent-up feelings he felt"...this is what flowers are meant for..a lovely response Hank...

  2. Interesting gambit on the prompt

  3. Wonderful verse on a great subject Hank. Thanks for sharing.

  4. A flower can sure shine on through some days in many ways

  5. There are so many things in life that calm us down, release the anger, to set us to rights and one of these is of course the beauty that is all around us.

  6. sometimes we need a reminder of the beauty of a flower it brings a sense of calm and helps defuse the conflict.

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous both in image and words :D

  8. Ah, I like the idea of a flower's beauty blowing away the anger. I think sometimes flowers can help mend relationships. Nicely penned, Hank.

  9. Lovely, Hank! So, many wonderful details-like the petals add an intimate quality to your poem~

  10. Flowers are always smiling so that they can provide happiness to onlookers.

  11. The healing power of the flowers!