Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Been through many dreams

                                                                                                 Attribution: Huhu Uet
Image: A green rose (here)

Often walked the path of wonders
Had been through many dreams
Plucked from the sky brought tears
What the heart desired could not bring

Sensed the frustrations of many years
Through the experiments that slipped
What became of the laboratory hours
To quench the thirst for a black tulip

Was there then a similar insistence
That a green rose be brought to light
Flower and leaves were no different
Still green flowers were cause for delight

For Sanaa's Prompt Nights -
when besotted with green
Marian's The Tuesday Platform
at Real Toads


  1. All the hard work can sure shine on through.

  2. This is absolutely stunning :D especially adore the closing lines.
    Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights :D

    Lots of love,

  3. Oh that search for the rarest of blooms.. forever we try

  4. I have never heard of a green rose. I love the word "plucked" sort of an onomatopoeia.

  5. A green flower, so strange! There is a green and pink petunia I've seen a few times and it just tickles me, it's so unexpected.

  6. Strange and unique and long-wanted always find a precious part in my heart!

  7. I've never seen a green rose. It is lovely (like your poem, Hank)and a great delight.

  8. Inspired. I have missed your writing, Hank, during the Great Grey Winter. This green rose, such a rare bloom. There is that feeling of ivy mating with a rose to produce this flower... verdigris. Just lovely! Love, Amelita

  9. A green flower I have never seen before....this is a lovely poem Hank!!

  10. What a charming introduction to an odd beauty of a rose!