Friday, April 1, 2016

Slicing the cool air and plummets down

                                                                                  Hank's own sketch
Image: Bowman of old 

A is for Archery in ABC of Sports
A is Also for Alex who gets us All into Action this April

A flight that sails straight cutting through
Slicing the cool air and plummets down
Onto the board and strikes, a bulls-eye!
It seems nice and easy but not quite so

A moving target aimed ostensibly at the head
To land at that critical spot middle of the heart
That is the thrill of modern day archery
One is to imagine an enemy helplessly running
But unlike a gun far easier with the cross-hair
An arrow takes in a little more of conjecture

Satisfaction most of all to oneself
As of all of other sporting events
Archery is entirely dependent on one’s
physical accuracy of sight and skills

For A to Z Challenge and
Mary's at d'Verse OPL #169


  1. Simply wonderful Hank. A great read which was most enjoyable.

  2. It is a real skill.
    Someone pointed a bow at me, I'd still run.
    And thanks for the chuckle - got you into the A to Z action all right!

  3. I was half decent when I tried it way back when. Never tried on moving targets though.

  4. A to Z will be quite the challenge too; yes, archers from the Middle Ages to Native Americans have proven the worth of bow & arrow as a weapon. I never had the sight or coordination to use a bow; smile.

  5. An overarching challenge.Enjoyable to read.

  6. This made me smile I went to a pow wow and someone taught me how to properly hold and shoot and arrow. It is much harder than it looks.

  7. That is quite a skill ~ And good luck on your AZ writing challenge Hank ~

  8. Archery is a sport with a quite serious past of bringing home food. Excellent writing Hank.

  9. It's truly a skill (and I have a huge scar on my arm to show my lack of it). A friend (one should never listen to friends while they are winking) told me that a good shooter is always a good archer. Not so. I "aimed ostensibly at the head", and only managed to lose a chunk of flesh and lose an arrow. *sigh*

    Love the theme. You are always super-good at describing sports and such (and I'm not winking).

  10. arrow to the point ;)

  11. Nicely written, and I love the sketch!