Saturday, April 2, 2016

They were adept with twist and turns

                                                                                            Attribution: Adam.J.W.C.
Image: Air-borne in a Skate-board park (here)

B for Skate_Boarding in ABC of Sports

Deftly cruising along avoiding
the early morning walkers.
They were adept with twist and turns
squeezing in between people

Lucky insofar as there were no pile-ups
Dreaded to think of innocent ones
who might unwittingly be the unlucky
victims of downhill skateboarding

In a bid to be skilful they made
unlimited use of urban obstacles of
stairs handrails and park benches but
skateboard parks were better solutions

For A to Z Challenge


  1. A great "B" post Hank, have never done skateboarding but give me a slide in the park and that would be a different story. Enjoy your week-end.

  2. I'm not coordinated enough, but maybe had I practiced at a younger age? Yeah, I'll go with that. Enjoyed the poem.
    Happy A to Z day 2!

  3. I like watching skateboarding, but I've never done it myself except as a kid. Great poem

  4. I saw Tony Hawk once was quite the show.

  5. I was never good at that. Tried once and fell on my butt lol

  6. Indeed a 'balance' for the boarders - to be safe!

  7. They sure are better solutions, Hank.
    The one and only Poetry Tank.
    Have fun today.