Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thousands gathered at the Heel Stone

                                                                                                     Author Andrew Dunn
Image: The sun behind the Heel Stone at Stonehenge,
shortly after sunrise (here) Summer Solstice on 21st June
marks the official start of summer.

Hand in hand merrily couples not alone
Thousands gathered at the Heel Stone

 A symbol viewed by many as phallic
Solstice tradition splashed with magic

Musings of romantic maneuvers in store
Beautiful sunrise in the morn seen in awe

Frank's at d'Verse's MTB  - couplets for the solstice


  1. Nice line: "Solstice tradition splashed with magic" I like the idea that they go there as couples.

  2. Nice image Hank. Thanks for the hyperlink also. Luv the community spirit and the magic of castkng out aloneness in your poem. Happy you dropped by mu blog


  3. Indeed... and a stone or a pole at solstice... there is a dream of fertility there.

  4. Each couple embracing away, a magical time indeed.

  5. All those people...must be quite a sight.

  6. You speak of magic, what is not understood. I enjoyed your write.