Monday, June 11, 2018

There are occasions when one gets duped

                                                                                                Photographer Cephas
Image:  Not the Familiar Bark of a Tree 
that I am Used to (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
decathect (v)) to withdraw one’s feelings of
attachment in anticipation of a future loss)
objurgate (rebuke severely)
alien revert quickening dissolution enhance possibility duck tangible

There are occasions when one gets duped
Someone suggested this to be an ideal bark
I would rather decathect in disbelief
but not to the extent of objurgating the kind soul
who was perhaps trying to help

It certainly looks to be alien

I may have to revert to the previous
modus operandi,
by quickening my pace avoiding time wastage
leading to faster dissolution of doubts
so as to enhance possibility of success

I should then be able to duck some issues
to get to something more tangible
like my favorite oak tree

MLMM's Wordle #200
willow-switches' at Real Toad 's  the tuesday platform


  1. knocked on wood with your wordle - I especially liked the "quickening my pace avoiding time wastage
    leading to faster dissolution of doubts"

  2. Sometimes one has to get to it and get on out of there to avoid being duped.

  3. It's awful feeling duped, and its always a little worse when you have to be polite and take that little taste anyway if only to have something to show to the would-be helper that this really wasn't what you signed up for. Hopefully it is just the case of the advice giver trying to be kind, but clueless.

  4. Oh! Yes, sometimes we have to take care of other people's feelings and do whatever possible to keep them happy.

  5. I am hoping he was merely looking for insects to take home to his bride rather that peck a home in dead wood or perhaps they just had a row.

  6. A lovely take on the prompt.... and new words for my library. I’m glad the ideal bark was found without scolding anyone!

  7. I love watching woodpeckers on a friendly tree......we once had a woodpecker that spent hours pecking on a tin roof, not very satisfying, lol.

  8. Love the woodpecker but I wonder if being duped is the same as knocking on metal

  9. We have a woodpecker that wakes us up every morning knocking on our vinyl shutters...bless his heart. At least there are probably bugs and such in that fence post!

  10. Nice to see the bird's point of view..getting duped by the pole while yearning for his oak tree!

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  12. Loved the picture and the poem was excellent as always Hank.
    Quickening the pace in life of course is always an option.
    I can relate to being duped not nice but it happens.


  13. Some amazing word usage in this Hank! I guess birds can get duped just like people.

  14. Sooo good, Hank. And of course, blame it on the aliens. But you are really good now, way better than when you first started with the word lists. The 'decathect' and 'objurgate' are not in my Galaxy 5's Oxford Dictionary so thank you for showing these to us.