Tuesday, June 19, 2018

often missed by admirers

                                                                                                     Author USCapitol
Image: Summer Blooms on Capitol grounds (here)

hidden yet but seen
camouflaged by undergrowth
luxuriantly rich
flagged out by its beauty but
often missed by admirers

Chevrefeuille's Carpe Diem.#1457- luxurance-shigeri.
Luxurance (shigeri) is a rare summer kigo specifically
used to describe the beauty of foliage, beautiful trees,
bushes and flowers that are in full bloom.


  1. Many often miss the smaller things around indeed.

  2. People looking at the big picture and not the details.

  3. Guess something will always be overlooked

    much love...

  4. I visited Washington and as everyone was focused on the White House, I noticed a hawk flying overhead. Yes, I usually take in the big picture which includes the small snippets.