Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Lust for travels is such a wonder

                                                                       Author Dailynetworks at English Wikipedia
Image: Car Travels at own Pace
not through an Organised Tour (here)

the 12 given words:
travel, wonder, surf, road, rocking, defy,
years, smile greatness, car whipping,tucked,

Lust for travels is such a wonder
To surf cyberspace or physically
on the road one is happily rocking
along to defy years of longing
with a big smile

The greatness of accessibility as a
convenience can never be denied
If one has the leisure of time and
space then a car tour can uncover
lots of pleasant surprises not
anticipated or expected

No way one is to skip an interesting
feature within reach nearby to be
tucked under the belt

For to come back again sometime
later in the future to the same place
is just wishful thinking and plainly
a foolish option

Whipping up an itinerary is not easy
Implementing it to the letter is a mistake

Freedom of movements and mobility
and later subsequent adaptations if
need be are all  important elements
of success and joy

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #166
Sumana's at PU.s Midweek Motif  -  lust


  1. Oh, I'm so with you. My travelling days are past now, and fortunately I love my home – but in that past, if only someone had kept providing funds, I'd have gone on and on travelling forever!

  2. Good topic for lust, and I definitely concur with this:
    "Whipping up an itinerary is not easy
    Implementing it to the letter is a mistake"

  3. It's a wonder, indeed. And not just the experience, but the memories of it too. It keeps you going and going... places.

  4. There is nothing more fun than a roadtrip!!!!!!!!! Well done, Hank.

  5. I like this wanderlust. Nicely done Hank.

  6. Travelling is like expanding your education, seeing the world, meeting new people and understanding and appreciating this wonderful world have...before it is ruined by greed and violence.

  7. Going to new spots sure can open your eyes to much more out there. We are lucky that we can do so with ease.

  8. Yes, a road trip is always a wonderful experience, you have captured that perfectly here Hank!!

  9. Yay! Road trip! Love this, Hank.

  10. I love the spontaneity and freedom of your road trip. I believe in your gospel wholeheartedly 😊

  11. Oh great I share this lust. I love trips and and usually get a roadtrip as a present for my birthday