Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Look up to the sky

                                                                                                     Author Payton Chung
Image: Looking up the George Pullman
monument, which apparently was never
completed (here)

Look up to the sky
Piercing rays so look downwards
Magical pastel colors
Cooling in warmness
Summer thin clothes make its due

By surfing the 'Net
A sedentary lifestyle
Travels far and wide
Smiling in shared humour with
many but just as lonely

Lillian's at d'Verse's -  opposites attract
Chevrefeuilles' Carpe Diem -1462 - thin-clothes (usumono).
Usumono is the classical summer kigo


  1. oh yes.....that glare of looking up into the sun's rays....and how it ultimately just makes you look down again! And I love the phrase "cooling in warmness"
    The second stanza makes me think of what I call my "armchair traveling." I do that with folks poetry that takes me places and sometimes a good book that takes me to another country, inside the heads of other people.....and reminds me of my parents' wide clunky coffee table in the "den" which was always loaded with National Geographic magazines. It was the only magazine subscription they addition to the Readers' Digest book club :) All methods they used, with the very little money they had, to travel the world. Now we can do it by surfing the Net without ever worrying about a rip tide! :)
    Enjoyed this - so glad you posted to the prompt! :)

  2. Need to get out and look at the real sun's rays, not images on a screen.

  3. A thoughtful write. Up/down, cool/warm, sedentary/travel...and yet lonely but not alone. You covered it, alright!😊

  4. Indeed.... just as you can be lonely in the middle of a crowd.

  5. "Just As Lonely" about sums me up Hank.
    Wonderfully written. well done.


  6. State of mind, as in a crowd or not, can be just as lonely if you let it.

  7. I like your presentation of the idea of those rays looking down with magical colors compared with the loneliness of the internet.

  8. That we do, surfing the net for companionship and shared stories ~ I can understand that loneliness Hank~

  9. Surfing the net can yield treasures and trash. Sometimes it's hard to tell which is which. Yours is treasure. Thanks Hank!

  10. I love the second stanza. I have not traveled much. The net is not a great substitution though. Sometimes it enhances the longing.

  11. Oh! My God. This is so true. The bitter reality of today's world.

  12. Wonderful tanka, Hank. You've summed it up perfectly!