Monday, June 4, 2018

Wrought with hazy lines entangled beautifully...

                                                                            Artist: Monet , Sunrise (1872) (fair use)
Image: Monet was attributed to be the
founder of the 'impressionist movement'
in art with his painting, 'Sunrise' which
depicts the port of Le Havre at sunrise

the 10 of 12 given words:
wrought rust Monet peer 
tangle (to unite or knit together in intricate confusion)
epigrammatic (adj)) of or like an epigram;
terse and ingenious in expression
tenon (v)) A projecting piece of wood made for insertion
into a mortise in another piece, to join securely)
oblivescence (n) (adj)) witty, concise saying
vase overslept

Wrought with hazy lines entangled
beautifully in a confusion of a rusty aging
in a misty pastel background Monet
was hailed by his peers as the master
of an impressionist mind

Epigrammatic in an art sense 'Sunrise'
fitted squarely like a ‘a mortise and tenon joint’
into the art scene when first exhibited in 1874

It was akin to the equivalent of an oblivescence
of Shakespearean brilliance expressed in an art masterpiece

Even better yet with a vase of fresh water- lilies
next to it (Monet's signature flower) to
complete the picture

One would have been caught in an overslept
mode not appreciating this form of the art world

MLMM's Wordle #199
Sanaa's at Real Toad's the tuesday platform


  1. This is such a brilliant ekphrastic poem, Hank!❤️

  2. Gosh those are tough words to get into a poem!!! Cleverly done!

  3. So much can sure be seen and used to describe if one is to look

  4. Seeing the world through a dream...

  5. I enjoyed this a lot, Hank. Monet is on my favorite artists list. So is France, LeHarve included. I posted of our 2009 holiday visit, and our outing to the beach at Eetretat, west of LeHarve. Monet painted that beach a lot, probably the one you posted.

  6. Impressive job and very cohesive despite how unwieldy I made the wordle this time lol

  7. One of my favorite paintings; I'm not surprised that it inspired such fine ekphrastic verse. Salute!

  8. I love Monet. You did an excellent job fitting all those words into this poem. A fine ekphrasic poem.

  9. Brilliant take on an amazing work of art Hank. No one can multitask and be poetic quite like you!

  10. What a wonderful poem considering all those words you had to use. Well done Hank.


  11. What a creative use of words to describe an art piece. Nice!

  12. Love the art, love your words to describe it Hank

  13. The artistic way you woke this ekphrastic...masterpiece material!

  14. I'am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited,Thank you for sharing good topic.


  15. I like how you incorporated history and a painting that I have not seen. May our words continue to surprise and dazzle artistically!

  16. Great article..I am looking so forward to your blogcomment and
    I love your page on your post.. That is so pretty..