Saturday, December 26, 2015

With a no-nonsense guy reputation

                                                                                          Attribution: Sujit Kumar
Image: The Lion King (here)

The given words:
nonsense perspectives
turgid (very complicated and difficult to understand)
ethereal (seeming to belong to another world very delicate)
effervescence (to show liveliness or exhilaration)
dementia bottleneck miscreant demarcation meditation
burlap (a strong, rough fabric that is used mostly for making bags)

With a no-nonsense guy reputation
Had better to avoid him at all cost
His perspectives beyond redemption
Whence condemned was a total loss

His subordinates often wondered
How turgid for them to unravel
That he led an ethereal existence
An effervescence seemingly unreal

Personality not afflicted with dementia
Fortunately he did not create bottlenecks
Still a miscreant of a boss who this far
Could maintain his controls and checks

What they did but created a demarcation
Considered him in a burlap not to provoke
Survival then through prayers and meditation
Hoping for a rare conversion to a just bloke

For Margaret's at Real Toads 
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  1. He rules with an iron hand. And gets the job done. Yet there are so many whose wish to find a chink in his metal, quite understandable

    Much love...

  2. I was watching a commercial for a show here called 'Undercover Boss'-and the undercover boss did not like that one of his managers ruled with an iron fist... - I didn't watch the show to see if that manager got fired. But the commercial did show that the manager thought the 'boss' was wrong to be 'whimpy'.

    In nature it is different than with people I think. The lion must be what he is to survive. Yet it is the companies with 'bosses' who respect their employees that get devotion back. Another article I read told of a company that after reaching it's five year goal gave every employee an unexpected very generous year end bonus!

    Continued success with your word lists. I have two regular ones I attend to. I wish I had time for more. ;)

    Thanks for your visit - I really haven't a clue as to summer solstice ritual - which is why I mentioned my verse was fiction. I could see clearly that 'it' could happen maybe on a fictitious world. :)

  3. No gentle strength...


  4. Ruling in such a way can sure make others look for the weakness to try and finally one up.

  5. Fun using them all, wasn't it? I used ONLY 'burlap' this time.

  6. Wonderful, Hank! I cannot believe you were able to use rhyme with this.

  7. Most cleverly done Hank. A good write.

  8. How a leader is seen by his people is often not how they see themselves...