Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ability to interpret musical styles

                                                                          Attribution: Stuart Sevastos
Image: An Important Member of the Band (here)

the MLMM given words:
pulsate (to make strong and regular beats)
entropy (the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a system)
skinflint (a miser)
tobacco  adhesion silt aftertaste admonish 
lymph (fluid of white blood cells conveyed to the bloodstream by
the lymphatic vessels OR a stream or spring of clear, pure water.)
filament turmeric

Traditionally placed to the rear
But by no means insignificant
Ability to interpret musical styles
A drummer is not made but born

Endowed with natural versatility
They are to keep time pulsating at
a steady tempo not anywhere rigid

Avoiding an entropy of purpose
Not expected to be a skinflint but
to extend support to the group

Swirling tobacco smoke of the vape
smokers are more putrid lately
Adhesion of the aromatic silt to body
and soul expends a bitter aftertaste
But patrons do no wrong and are not
admonished for the unhealthy air

How he savors the lymph of spring
water when through for the night
A filament of freshness unlike that
of a staining turmeric yellow

For Marian's The Tuesday Platform at Real Toads
MLMM's Wordle #91 with the given words


  1. I can see this smoky scene. Great use of the words, Hank

  2. Yep, drummers are born, not made, I do think that is true. This seems, I know he's not a drummer but have been thinking about the passing of Lemmy (of Motorhead) and this seems apt today.

  3. I could surely never drum, it sure takes some kind of skill/ingrained ability indeed.

  4. Yes, the drummer is key. I like the line "and soul expends a bitter aftertaste" - great commentary on the new fad of vaping.

  5. Nice insight writing on the makeup and the grind of the drummer.
    My son, 58 and retired, plays the drums for a minor rock band, hard rock, group here in Houston. He is good, the band gets as many (paying) gigs as they want. It is a part time endeavor for them. They play as openers for the majors or in smaller clubs as the entertainment for the night.
    Second hand smoke is no problem as there is no smoking allowed in any public establishment in the city or suburbs.

  6. It must take a special skill to make a good drummer.
    Excellent verse Hank. Well done.

  7. Some great lines here, with "But patrons do no wrong and are not
    admonished for the unhealthy air " being a fave, and great use of the given words here (not the easiest words to incorporate either)! nice

  8. the lymph of spring I love that! Really well-done Hank


  9. Love the way you used, skinflint. Also, a filament of freshness. Great writing, Hank.

  10. Sadly, drummers are born...bagpipe players too.