Monday, December 28, 2015

Quite a hard deal not just a slight

                                                                               Author: Dietmar Rabich,
Image: 'Guys, May I Join in? (here)

The given words:
chill try tell sentence deal butter
join years connect next night safe

Chill off, and try not to be back!'
Gosh, he had been told outright
More of a death sentence, in fact
Quite a hard deal not just a slight

What caused his ears to be tweaked
He had been buttering off to join in
Had been for many years so to speak
He could not connect for what sins?

So what next?
For such a long night!
Was it safe?
Torched in a blaze

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #231
with the given words


  1. Sometimes that connection we seek can leave us up sh** creek.

  2. Harsh way to tell someone to get lost.

  3. oh my...that 'torched in a blaze' took me by surprise!

  4. Great write, but what a surprise.

  5. Wow ... that was really a send off ... but a great write.