Sunday, December 6, 2015

to resort to books to kill time

Image: Courtesy of  Sunday Whirl

12 given words:
flight fringe already night visible unravel 
beg exist current terrain speak file

Flight of fancy a fringe benefit
Already ingrained in many youngsters
Expected with doses of medicine as befit
At night given by a parent that bothers

Perceived as visible of a simple practice
Faithfully commencing from a young age
To expound good habits regularly not to miss
By setting a pattern for them to emulate

Such were specimens of good upbringing
On a generation engrossed in the current rave
of the social media and gamers existing
Unravelled to beg to be allowed some space

Were they not restrained to take advantage
From elders not given to technological skill
Who despite being deprived of the privilege
Resorted to books with lots of time to kill

A terrain so smooth with a parent's affluence  
Nothing to speak of but to retrieve a page
A choice from the file of life's experience
of old, contending not to risk losing face

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl #228 and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #281


  1. " retrieve a page / from the file of life's experience of old" and also to resort to books would always prove beneficial...

  2. Books as the last resort - yes i think in a way there is a sadness in that and yet i think the printed word will always endure in some form or another...let's hope at least!

  3. Can always learn from such a resort indeed

  4. Nothing to speak of but to retrieve a page
    from the file of life's experience of old

    Such wonderful lines :D

  5. Personally - I just love real books. I read two to Little Miss just this morning. She will pull out a handful of books from her shelf just to find the one she is looking for. :)

    Many who read too many technical tomes say they have no time for pleasurable escapes in the pages of a book... their loss, I say.

    I've added three more BeeBee's ...

    Here's the link to the page -

    The last one you read was 'Tired and Stung out'

    You don't have to read them all - the last one I used 6 prompts again and that title is: 'Make up, Break up, Break Down'.

  6. Killing time ... maybe the loss of books does that--maybe media does, I don't know. But the travelling books gave me--what a way to fill time with multiple lives. Is it not so?

  7. Ah, a good upbringing is such a wonderful gift.

  8. I was blessed to have a father who read to me at bedtime. I in turn read bedtime stories to my sons, and now when I visit my eldest I am so happy to listen as he reads to his step-daughter before she goes to bed. (Treasure Island last time I was there.)

  9. Books are blessings in this world. May they exist always. I've been reading to younger relatives, and they eat up the books we share. Nice work, Hank!

  10. Hank,

    I so enjoy a good book and I just like the feel of turning the pages. There is something magical about a book. Hopefully, the art of reading books will be around for a long time.