Friday, December 4, 2015

Could jump twist and bend

                                                                               Attribution: unknown
Image: Courtesy of Mama Zen (here)

Now into our second week
Our dance teacher had been wondering
We were too meek
She had been insisting

Should find it easy when
We had perfect structure
Could jump twist and bend
Great potential for a dancer

Looking at that picture
Teacher be blessed
If that dancer
could be a success
Cute guys like us
Should be more class

(60 words)

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  1. The cute guys don't stand a chance
    to swirl around in such a dance.

    Hope they don't try.. you need iron toes.

  2. lol they may be crap out of luck, but you never know

  3. I guess that could be good motivation!

  4. Light-hearted, but somehow sad, when young boys buy into the make fun of the fat lady vibe, & obsess on looks; nice poem though, Hank.

  5. In our hearts we can all dance - even those with two left feet.
    A great children's book: Giraffe's Can't Dance by Gile Andreae - A cardboard book my grand-daughter enjoys.

    Also I figured out how to add you to my 'B' Blog List ;)

  6. Ha--I think everyone should dance! k.

  7. I have seen many large people with grace (we love to swing dance) and many lithe looking couples not be able to keep a beat! Those boys have much to learn. Well done.

  8. I wish I could dance. Cool take, Hank ~