Thursday, December 17, 2015

She picked a theme to start with

                                                                                  Attribution: Rakeshkamandal
Image: Bridal Mehndi designs (here)

She liked art as a medium of expression
She provoked her mind
That was the only way she knew
There had to be a start so she gathered
or not at all

She picked a theme to start with
It would trigger the process
Otherwise she would be stumped
There was a likely starting
It just could not be explained
Once it got off the ground
There was no turning back

Today it was wriggling in her head
It came in brilliance of something psychedelic
Another time it was colorful and kaleidoscopic
It was easy once the cob-webs cleared up
But not always!

It could be so hopelessly a chore
That dampened the creative juices
The design would just turn ballistic
in the mind all confusing
She had been through with this many times
The hazardous hazards of an impressionist artist

For Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  design


  1. Its a lovely start and finish, well pieced together indeed. Well done!

  2. I love the the illustration - no matter the design we are hoping to crete be in art, life or anything in between..there must follow a pattern...consciously or otherwise..i think that is a good thing on the whole to have a theme!

  3. Sometimes I bet it can be a chore, but the end result is sure worth it

  4. That indeed is quite a design!

  5. "It could be so hopelessly a chore / That dampened the creative juices" this happens when it's not a labor of love...nicely put :)

  6. It's fascinating to see henna artists work... Totally from imagination, creating such beautiful patterns.

  7. I love the process you imagine here...very realistic and interestingly relates with many types of art form. Well done, Hank!

  8. Love! Starting with a theme, you've created a great design for this content!

    "It was easy once the cob-webs cleared up
    But not always!"

  9. I especially love your closing line.........good one, Hank!

  10. I don't believe that art can be a chore, and artist gets irritatted by painting the pictures... 'She liked art as a medium of expression' - you say, and yes, art is expression. Otherwise, it will empty the fake 'artist'...mho

  11. sad when art (of any kind) is a chore. Many aspects are work but there is still the joy of doing.

  12. Wonderful poem throughout. a very good read/

  13. the creative process does have its whimsies, i do agree

    much love...

  14. and that is why it is our own "hardwork." because it can take a lot of energy and stress to come up with a masterpiece. it is definitely hard work in itself. perfection!