Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Schedules not followed

                                                                                                    Attribution: Mary
Image:  New York City Umbrella Scene (here)

It was cats and dogs. She could hear the force of the winds lashing 
against the windows.She had sought shelter in the office.staying back 
even though it was time to go. She found herself now in a slight 
drizzle standing on the pavement like everyone else. The cabs were 
all there like maids in a row and they were not moving.

Apparently there were some disagreements with their management

On reflection, it had not been a good day. Testing times in the morning 
on so many fronts. She had rushed in and barely seated herself safe in her 
seat only to see her boss smirking sternly from inside the 'aquarium'. His
domain of glass-walled room fondly referred to by her peers.

'She is late again!' That must be swirling in his mind on seeing her. But 
the bus did not meet their schedules. It was not her fault as she had been 
waiting for a good hour.

Then the appointments! Three from good clients were abruptly cancelled
It did not matter whether they were supposed to come to the office or he
was to go to theirs. They were just cancelled.

Just as the lunch date with her fiance.What she dreaded happened. 
'Why aren't responsible people be more responsible' she lamented!

Schedules not followed
Was it bad attitudes or
unlucky timing?

(224 words)

For Mary's at d'Verse : Haibun Monday 4 and
Marian's at the Tuesday Platform at Real Toads


  1. Some days nothing seems to go right! This seems to be a day when one thing after another goes wrong!

  2. Oh, dear, she does sound in a bit of a quandary - although I can't help wondering if she has an unnecessarily negative interpretation of things. I hope she doesn't get too wet on the way home...

  3. Some days life just wants to be a pain in the arse. Hate it when people waste ones time too.

  4. Astrologers would point to the misalignment of planets & stars, pessimists would cite sarcasm & anger, children would blame their angst secondary to their strict parents, & I would have blamed the weather or the Republicans; go figure.

  5. wow! there are definitely days like that

    much love...

  6. Some days are like that - all the schedules are going haywire ~ I hate it when that happens ~

  7. I'd have to say that was a really crappy day.

  8. I think some days would be exactly like that... just hope it's just bad luck and not a conspiracy....

  9. Some people put a negative interpretation on everything that happens and presume negative thoughts by others that just aren't true. I know, because I used to be that person. I suspect this day was not nearly as bad as she makes it sound, though the cancelled lunch with the fiance was a bummer. Peace, Linda

  10. Reading this gave me a sense of familiarity and a great joy that I am now retired. Thank you for reminding me.

  11. I get many days like that. The black ink in my printer has run out and am in the middle of printing poems for my book.
    The thing is I can't fix the new ink in for some reason the old one won't budge.
    Great post Hank.

  12. This reminds me of the boy from Charlie Brown - the one where the rain cloud or is it just a dirt cloud that follows him everywhere he goes.

    Not understanding the whys of all those cancellations can be very frustrating indeed. And you have convey that very well!

  13. how about you Schedules not followed???

  14. A place of zero
    time.. heaven
    now.. wHere
    only schedules
    drop in hindsight
    blind.. theRe is
    a matrix
    of time
    and not
    time too..:)

    Office visits
    inside alive2..:)

  15. Prose ... I enjoyed this, Hank!!

  16. I do so hate to make an appointment and then have to wait ... I wonder myself often, why can't responsible people be responsible. Bravo Hank.