Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The moment of truth came to light - a Quadrille

                                                                                    Attribution: Takashi Hososhima
Image: Easter Eggs Ice Cream (here)

8 of 12 given words:
yearning boundless grace 
silken fire moment light eggs

Yearnings for the boundless energy
that used to grace the catwalk in bright
silken dresses fired up her desire to
reduce her waistline by skipping lunch

The moment of truth came to light
when liking for eggs put paid to
any pretense of reality
(44 words)

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #249 and
Toni's at d'Verse for a Quadrille not
exceeding 44 words to include variants
of the word 'skip'


  1. Wow! Great prompt mashup! :)

  2. I think skipping lunch would not matter in the long run...

  3. If they were ice cream eggs, who could really say no?

  4. Ice cream eggs....who could resist? I certainly can't resist this fun multi-use poem. I so like when that is done - spread the poetry wealth!

  5. Best laid plans can always be interrupted, even by eggs haha

  6. I can't skip lunch but dinner I can ~ Eggs aren't that bad, smiles ~

  7. My waistline needs reducing too.

  8. Ah.. the ingredients
    of liFe.. my friEnd
    Hank.. a pinch
    here.. a
    load there..
    and hehe.. i like
    to write.. and take
    photos too.. as you
    kNow and sharing..
    giving.. ha! no
    money for
    me.. done that
    got iT aLL iN
    my other
    lifetime then..
    now then noW..
    skipping April
    of dVerse after
    a year of poeticAlly
    responding to every
    single prompt and
    link thereiN.. and
    hehe.. writing
    the freeST
    dVerse wHole
    iN Novel MACRO
    micro Verse(S)weighing
    aLL iN "GodsUniVerseNovel3"
    aT 338,630 words and aRound
    300 gorgeous photos of
    Panhandle Florida
    beaches.. googABLE
    yes.. but iT takes
    close to a
    and broad band
    bRains to open
    iT uP and eat the wHole
    tHing.. seriously.. i can't
    beLieVe.. i wRote thE wHole
    ThinG.. but no liMits.. aS yoU
    WeLL kNows mY friEnd as you
    are one of the brave
    few of ventuRed
    inTo thE
    siDe oF
    and i'm only
    shaRinG thiS wITh.. wInks..
    folks noW wHo thInk maybe..
    i miGht not be ALL THAT craZy..
    HAHA.. HEHE.. YES i am.. sMiLes..
    ALL THaT CRaZY AnD MUcH MoRE..;)

  9. Aren't you clever to blend the two prompts--and so effectively. Not that easy in a mere 44 words.

  10. I have to admit, those particular eggs are very cute and tempting!