Thursday, May 5, 2016

Desirous not to renege on their agreement

                                                                            Attribution:  Ed Yourdon
Image: 'Let me tell you a secret' (here)

Furtively clawing away in the darkness
Keeping an eye on every little movement
Smirking in his heart quietly with awareness
Desirous not to renege on their agreement

Likened to harbor guilt feelings unperturbed
Still a softened stance kept gnawing in his bones
Should not let them down he felt disturbed
This looked like a fight to be borne all alone

A life and death venture a betrayal thwarted
Could not fathom others were thinly principled
Kept his mouth sealed in secrecy not a doubt
Him alone to bear the burden without a ripple

For Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  secrecy


  1. He sounds like a man of principles in a tricky situation, but one who can keep his own counsel. Good one, Hank.

  2. Sometimes there is no good option, just have to pick the best one

  3. I like the tension you insert Hank.
    A secret can be a weighty thing.

  4. I like the mystery in this. Wonder what it is he must keep secret. It's causing him a lot of stress, the way some secrets do. Good write Hank.

  5. The burden of keeping a secret... so very well expressed.
    Well-penned. :-)


  6. character sketch of a strong & wise person...a good one Hank...

  7. Wow, you saw a lot more in that image!

  8. It's surprising what one can see if you look hard enough Hank.Well done.

  9. I think secrets are like guilt, pushing and tickling and wanting expression. Your poem carries the struggle well!

  10. I hope it's a fun secret, something shared in love. Well done!

  11. I doubt the child's secret carries as much pain as your poem implies.