Sunday, May 29, 2016

how diverse souls find solace

                                                                                            Attribution: Allan warren
Image: It is yet another day (here)

11 of 12 given words:
crack mist chills creeps 
lucid (easily understood rational)
mad diverse trap vine
tawny (dull yellowish-brown color)
tassel (strands hanging from a roundish knob on curtains)

At the crack of dawn with thick
mist mischievously accentuating the
chills it gives the creeps to likely
rebuff any kind of activity

In that lucid moment of madness
diverse souls find solace in
defining a living

Truck drivers, nurses, the police
trapped in the vines of life's tawny
challenges hanging listlessly by the
tassels often at risks to their well-being

As a balance though enterprising
elements thrive in adverse
situations to fill the gap

They rise at that unearthly hours
to prepare their wares for the
early breakfast crowd some even
starting much earlier shouting hoarse
like the balut sellers

Life with its own set of players
to welcome yet another day no
different from the one yesterday
-  ask the homeless!

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle # 253 and
Mary's Poetry Pantry #304 at Real Toads


  1. I like the thought of everyone, from bakers, to police officers to the homeless readying themselves to get through another day. Well said, Hank!

  2. You have given us quite a picture here, Hank. Also, so true that to the homeless one day would be pretty much like the day before. Sadly.

  3. Sad poem Hank. But you captured some truths about the repetitive nature of some lives.

  4. Cities are such great places to observe life, morning, noon and night. The inhabitants and visitors often unaware of the activity that took place just hours from their footsteps. Every city has its secrets.

  5. All are connected and should never be dismissed. I like the message, Hank.

  6. "another day no / different from the one yesterday" i think this applies to those who have a root but for the rootless & homeless the scene is a bit different...a true and sad account of life...nicely done Hank...

  7. And so the never ending cycle goes on. Nicely observed Hank.

    My Sunday Threesome!

  8. Very well written Hank,Well done.

  9. Life can feel like a treadmill whether we have purpose or not we have to get through each and every day - nicely done Hank!

  10. Life can sure be an endless run just tweaked for each person.

  11. You weave the words in so well, to address real nitty-gritty issues.

  12. You last line brings all into perspective!

  13. A picture of life as had by everyone even if we aren't created or living equally.

  14. Indeed... nothing out of the ordinary for those unlucky caught in the web of homelessness.

  15. Well written exploration of daily existence for far too many,


  16. Some awesome wordsmithing in this. I especially found: "thick mist mischievously accentuating the chills" so evocative. Of course, I live in a fairly rainy city that sits in cold thick mist for a lot of the year ... Much enjoyed, Hank!

  17. Speaks to life as it is... vividly fashioned - a terrific read...