Monday, May 30, 2016

The BMOC - Safeguarding One's Own Turf

                                                                                Author: InSapphoWeTrust
Image: The Thinker, Rodin's best-known
sculpture depicting a muscular man  (here)

secret keeper's 5 given words:
cover dance clear dare paint

MLMM's 12 given words:
effusive (unduly demonstrative, exuberant talkative)
facility drowsy upset gurgle notice supple
spool (any cylindrical piece on which something is wound)
poppet (a term of endearment for a young girl)
medulla (the marrow of the bones)
miasma (a dangerous, foreboding, or deathlike influence or atmosphere.)

Of an effusive personality
Restlessness overtook his facility
Drowsy uneasiness upsetting to his 
gregarious self now
gurgling with impatience

It would be a good cover he bemused
to unwind from the spool of boredom

From the other corner of the dance-floor
he noticed a supple Poppet of a beauty
stealing glances at him a clear indication
of the same ailment of boredom

Would he dare nudge her medulla of
coyness perhaps to paint a glowing picture
of his usual self the way he knew best?

Yes, it was a challenge
but lo and behold!

The hustler he had crossed swords before
sent a miasmatic foreboding through his
system for he was there nearby too
waiting to pounce on her

He ought to move fast with outright confidence
the mark of a popular BMOC!

Note: BMOC = big-man-on-campus

MLMM's Wordle #111
The Secret Keepers' Weekly
writing prompt #39 and
Marian's The Tuesday Platform
at Real Toads


  1. I love that "spool of boredom," especially! What an awesome description for monotony!

  2. to unwind from the spool of boredom wow love that line! I could picture the whole scene, bravo!


  3. WOW!!!
    "to unwind from the spool of boredom"
    i soooo luv that line

    much love...

  4. I think to find a worthy cause for ones thinking is often the most important thing at campus... great use of challenging words.

  5. Sometimes need a challenge too prove you can still be on top of the crop

  6. Ahh yes! Taking a list of words and weaving them into a thoughtful poem is quite an art. You painted a picture worth the words here -- loved "drowsy uneasiness", "miasmic foreboding" and, like others, the "spool of boredom."

  7. Wonderful how you include the given words into a great to read poem.

  8. Haha! Gurgling with impatience, that is me a lot of the time. I have to remind myself to wind down... like a spool, I guess. :)

  9. Ha, a lively scenario you imagine! The Thinker not only a nerd but also a jock, huh? (Yes, now that you mention it, he IS muscular, as if thinking was not his only occupation.)

  10. Ah, acronyms...especially ones I should know. I can picture this scene two men attempting to score on the same 'innocent' maid.

    Thanks for stopping by - Cheers, Jules