Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dainty little feet gracefully treading - a Haibun

                                                                                               Attribution: Oleg Oprisco
Image: Tethered and not Unlike a Ribbons Routine
MLMM's Photo Challenge

                                                                               Attribution: 阿圆
Image: Ribbon - rhythmic gymnastics  (here)

The Prose
During a ribbon routine, smooth and
flowing movements are expected. It
requires a high degree of coordination
to form the spirals and circles.

The Poem
Dainty little feet gracefully treading
Elegance of a display vibrant and vibrating
Swashbuckling madness a narrow space sprinting
Or on a 4-inch beam hopping ingeniously balancing
Nothing is impossible to work hard enough alluring
Chasing the elusive perfect ten so infuriating

Remember her, the petite Nadia Comaneci
The First Perfect 10 at the Montreal Olympics
Who did it not once but six more times
To the consternation of the crowd charmed

Her supple body lithe contorted but swiftly moving
At the uneven bars tumultuous tumbles swinging
Dissipating movements jumps and gyrating
Or with grace of a prima-donna just plainly walking

So it was done in gymnastics before
Still perfect for a versatile competitor
So there is no telling that a ribbons routine
Can still aspire for a perfect ten just the same

For MLMM's Photo Challenge #112 and
Bjorn's at d'Verse Haibun Monday #13  -  walking


  1. The aspiring is where the joy lies. Very nice!

  2. Some sure have the skill, but aspiring to do even more can move one onward at their shore.

  3. I do remember Nadia and this made me think of the dancers I saw in China with their long silk scarves. I'd probably break a hip. Clever response to the prompt, Hank.

  4. Wonderful topic and wonderful to read Hank.

  5. You evoke the inspiring athletes!

  6. Oh my your words enlighten and delight, and this photo is incredible too.

  7. Oh Nadia knew how to walk... yet so flexible that you wonder if it was for real

  8. Great post, Hank!! I have a colleague who does the ribbons...boy oh boy!!! that is a lot of work and she just does it for fun! Ah la petite Nadia...how proud we were here in Montreal that year. My employers came from Romania, so it was such a joy. Many Québecois got even more involved in gymnastics after 1976. Ah you bring back fond memories of a good time in my life. Cheryl-Lynn