Monday, May 16, 2016

Seeing sustenance of love life torn apart

                                                                             Attribution: Vicki Nunn
Image: Love is Bliss (here)

To write on:
Love of beauty is taste
The creation of beauty is Art

A measure of wanting to court rapport
A resurgence of yearnings of the heart
Recluse of a person sliding in the flow
Seeing sustenance of love life torn apart

Unflagging appreciation of her beauty
Remained unscathed despite the odds
Unrequited and unleashed it tore readily
Unruffled beauty awaited to be thawed

Could it be resolved lashed by creativity
Pulverized and socked into submission
Galvanized into images of intrinsic simplicity
Not to be bewildered drained of frustrations?

For Sanaa's Dash of Sunny Prompt Nights


  1. Love is sometimes a battle - hard to manage those frustrations and set backs - but worth trying none the less

  2. Would the beauty notice him if he created something of beauty?

  3. Whistles!! Such a power packed response to the prompt Hank :D love is often subject to battle where hearts are often torn apart when unrequited. Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights.

    Lots of love,

  4. Unrequited love can definitely tear one apart ~ it takes time to heal. Well said, Hank! :)

  5. Beautiful and intense! Unrequited love is never a good feeling but falling in love again perhaps, might preserve or give a new perspective to what beauty is.

  6. Can sure not be an easy thing to bounce back from, but has and always will be done.

  7. It's love of all sorts that get torn apart, Not only from the romantic love, but family love and issues.
    Great write and read Hank.

  8. my favourite line

    "Galvanized into images of intrinsic simplicity"

    for indeed love dwells within the lover

    much love...

  9. ooow...I love the frustrated energy your words display...all artists will recognise that emotion XXX