Monday, May 23, 2016

debts to society

                                                                                         Attribution: Steve Johnson
Image: Soup Kitchen for the Homeless (here)

Note: Sacrifices involve too many minds of those committed to their cause

The Prose
Sacrifice as one understands it involves the offering of animals fruits or food. This is in particular reference to religious beliefs such as Judaism’s Korban and the Muslim’s Qurban. Live animals are sacrificed in ritual killings where portions of the animals are later distributed to the poor

Sacrifice more as of choice were the heroic exploits of Japanese pilots in WWII. They crashed their planes in hara-kiri fashion onto their targets to inflict maximum damage.. Another was the ultimate act of suttee which was imposed rather than of choice ( a widow’s sacrifice at her husband’s funeral pyre) which had since been banned.

On a personal basis was Sir Timothy Berners-Lee’s insistence not to profit from his invention of the world-wide-web ‘which is rather for the benefit of mankind’ he said. One could not ignore that of Nelson Mandela’s who did away with any thoughts of vengeance against his detractors or that of the Dalai Lama’s who soldiered on. To round off was the sacrifice of the world’s biggest philanthropist  Bill Gates of his billions!

The Poem (tanka)
11 of 12 given words:
bell gloss itch spring track lost 
mission sense willing stand pay 

Does it ring a bell?
To gloss over past glories
Itching to spring forth
To back-track and not moving
forward. It is a lost cause!

Mission in life is
better served with sense of pride
Willing to take a
stand with debts to society
paid off with sacrifices

For Toni's at d'Verse Haibun Monday #14  -  too many minds
MLMM's Sunday Whirl Wordle #252


  1. I would say that sacrifices can sooth a disturbed conscience... maybe that's why the world has philanthropists

  2. Nodding my head here. Many good thoughts of one compassionate mind!

  3. Giving back is so much better, and healthier, than hoarding. Good thoughts here

  4. Giving back sure can tackle anything owed, whether literal or figurative

  5. I hope it's okay to express doubt at the sacrifice of the widow's life being mentioned in the same breath as the others, in fact the only one I approve of is Gates and his billions. Please don't be mad at me.

  6. Interesting take on relaxation. I understand totally that serving others and helping can be relaxing. Sharing is indeed better than hoarding or amassing junk that one doesn't need but only wants. I think maybe multi-tasking on this one, the form and prompt got a little hidden. I do much time at our local Food Bank in various tasks. It is soothing but not really relaxing, to me. I'm sure those who have their hunger assuaged relax though.

  7. This was a compassionate verse Hank, how much better it is to give back. Excellent write.

  8. Letting go of self through sacrifice is freeing and thus relaxing. It's letting go of the struggle to hold on to whatever and that clogs the mind and soul.

  9. Well said, Hank! Giving back to others is both a greater glory and a better feeling.

  10. SMIles..
    trUly.. iT's
    to give the
    most by folloWing
    oLd ruLes.. to give is
    not to take.. including
    animal blood.. and lives
    of others.. the
    give is
    take in
    GiVinG Love..
    withOut harm
    to oTheRs mY friEnd..:)

    Golden NEW rULE..
    FearLess Love.. NO
    hArm To creaTioN ONE..:)

    As printED by SuN
    AnD ShadeS oN mY bE
    forEhead selFie waY..;)

    AnD thE conText oF thAT
    lasT Fred KU.. biGGer viEW..
    reQuires deTail SeeiNG mY Friend..;)

    And SeeKinG

  11. I admire those people who makes great sacrifices ~

  12. I found the prose to be informative and concise. This is an interesting response to the prompt.

  13. Perhaps you are suggesting that, without all such events, humanity might relax?