Saturday, January 9, 2016

With a mind of his own

                                                                                      Attribution: Hank's Collections
Image: Hank's younger grandson Norhezry aka Kimie
seen with the ball during Rugby training last Sunday
Jan 03, 2016

A cute little baby if you had seen one when he first
arrived on the morning of Nov 09, 2002. Typically
one who was doted upon by others in the family he
took it upon himself to hold out on his own.

No one was there to take advantage of him and he
knew that. With a mind of his own, he knew exactly
what was in store for him and he so decided

No surprise then he rebelled against his conscience
and that of others. Rugby seen as rough and tough
but he insisted on taking it up
(99 words)

Carrot Range:  Flash Fiction:
In 99 words (no more, no less) to
write a semblance of a 'rebellion'
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #285


  1. A little rebellion can be a good thing. Sure he'll do grand with Rugby too.

  2. He walked to his own beat. Bet you are really proud of him.

  3. Rugby looks like a relatively safe sport though, isn't it? Compared to American football, anyway! Good that he has developed an interest and is staying active!

  4. He looks like he has good ball handling form, Hank. I'd like to see one of his games. Our granddaughter, six, is in the process of having a mind of her own also.

  5. I think he seem to enjoy his time though... maybe it looks more harsh than it is...

  6. This made me smile :D such a delightful read :D

  7. Good for him - we all need to find our own feet i guess! :)

  8. It is wonderful when we can make up our mind at a young age to do what we love...and rebel a little too!

  9. Wonderful to channel his energies into a sport. It is a good path and will teach him so much.

  10. Some risks are worth taking, they help us grow into our selves.

  11. you are a great grandfather. you know your grandson very well. this was cute. thanks.

  12. A tender capture - clearly you have a lot of affection and pride in your grandson.

  13. Good on him! Great photo, and I like the grand-fatherly admiration in the poem. :)