Thursday, January 14, 2016

A harrowing experience he remembered

                                                                                        Attribution: Richard Smith
Image: 1928 Model A Ford (here)

PU’s Midweek Motif

Sunday Whirligig’s 11 of 12 given words:
memory  father trembling logic fumbling
untie tight knot shoes trying anger

3WW #462 given words:
harrowing imperfect lame

Food for thought so clear in his mind
In memory of his late father trembling
A harrowing experience he remembered
Defied logic in this imperfect world
How did this mean looking machine go
Faster than a horse he could not fathom

He was fumbling in thoughts when as a tiny
Tot he was invited to climb on board the car
As though to untie a tight knot of his shoes
Akin to trying to suppress anger more than fright

A lame effort as he was just as excited
As a joey out of the pocket for the first time
He still remembered it very well
It had happened many many years ago

One fine morning his father brought it home
A Ford A a more modern version of the classic Ford T
Still a mean looking machine he mused quietly
The first of its kind in the neighborhood

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  1. what a lovely story is told in this

  2. Sounds like a good memory with all the thrill of a scary movie.

  3. Great as always Hank, one can always expect a good read here.

  4. That is quite a car and story Hank ~

  5. I think it might have been great to ride in such a car as this!

  6. Sure a car like no other indeed. Memories can be held in anything. Experiencing a car for the first time would be amazing, now we just are meh.

  7. A poignant and endearing memory you've penned AND including two separate prompts. Wow!

  8. A gripping tale. Very well compoed

  9. Quite a brilliant write :D thanks for linking in at Prompt Nights :D

    Lots of love,

  10. This took me back to when my dad brought a new car home......uch celebration. Love the description of him as a tot riding for the first time on the metal machine. Cool.

  11. Ah! The excitement of being the one to possess what none of the neighbors do!
    Owner's pride :)

  12. My grandfather told me stories of his first ride in a car - what an experience. You give it life Hank