Sunday, January 3, 2016

Was this some form of retribution?

                                                                              Attribution: Dirt - by James Smart
Image: A rare and jaw-dropping anti-cyclonic
tornado touches down in open farmland, narrowly
missing a home near Simla, Colorado (here)

There were indications
of impending bad news
largely of what to expect

How and in what form
you preferred not to reveal

Instead you unleashed the
immense power of destruction
and death with such fury and
ferocity that one could only
wait in a trance terrified

Was this some form of
retribution for past sins?
(55 words)

For Kerry's Flash 55 Plus
at Real Toads


  1. A spectacular image indeed, very vivid writing.

  2. Oh yes.. We are all sinners, and that fury is hiding underneath

  3. Heart stopped for a moment
    nice poem

  4. Glad those don't come around here, have to really tick someone off to get that kind of retribution.

  5. I can't believe that, but certainly it is a common idea, and you express it well here--I'm sorry that many of your comments on my blog have been going to spam! Just looked through and found them. Thanks. k.

  6. A wonderful image excellent portrayed Habk.

  7. Getting right with God would certainly go through my mind in such an event. As a knee-jerk reaction, I'd confess my sins, though I know that tornadoes have nothing to do with my sins. I can feel the desperation. Nice job.

  8. That's immense power of destruction all right!

  9. I often wonder at the power of nature and why and how she strikes the earth. I think we are all sinners but, that funnel will cause major havoc for any in its path.

  10. Nicely written, scary reading, Hank. It reminds me of some of the reactions to our NYC's terrorist destruction to the Twin Towers.
    For example, "... television evangelist Jerry Falwell called the event a punishment from God and laid the blame on "paganists", "abortionists", "feminists" and "gays and lesbians", claiming that they "helped this happen"."

  11. Wow .. here in Italy we someone speak of people who are particularly emotional as "a force of nature" Think you ran into one of those for sure! Bastet

  12. Yeah, maybe it is. One can't help but think so anyway, when crazy destructive shit like this befalls. Strong poem, I like it a lot.
    Happy New Year, Hank!

  13. It makes you wonder what happened to anger Mother Nature. Powerful piece!

  14. Hank, a splendid 55. Galen would have loved it ~