Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Why she complied was mystifying

                                                              Attribution: Charing Cross Road, 1937 
                                                                                                      by Wolfgang Suschitzky
Image: Hurrying through the rain (here)

Motley of questions clouding her mind
Cobwebs clinging numbed her thinking
She sought to find answers to clear the clutter
Why he came back she had to unravel the bind
Left the office hurriedly thoughts still bothering
Rushed through the slush and the rain water

Spurned her and reduced to a wreck sobbing
With a smirk and wry smile he had cause to abandon
He left without as much as a glance over his shoulders
There she was on the bench teary eyed spluttering
Not too long ago about five years she reckoned
Audacity now to make amends a cause to shudder

She could not say no as he could move mountains
They were to meet at the Charing Cross Station
That was where she was heading
Why she complied was mystifying
What he had in mind she just could not fathom

An abcabc Free Verse and a Limerick for:
Tess' Photo Challenge Mag 300


  1. This was so exciting to read Hank, excellently written.

  2. Sometimes being too trusting can sure backfire indeed. All for love but a fool it can be.

  3. Sounds mysterious Hank...hope she uses some wisdom this time...

  4. interesting poem
    well done hank

  5. Hi Hank ... always nice to visit your blog. Happy New Year!

  6. A captivating mystery woven in the lines Hank. Leaves me wanting more....great writing!

  7. I think I wouldn't advise her to go ... there seems no good to be had there (except a great poem of course). Bastet

  8. Sounds like love wasn't returned. A very good write Hank! Have a good weekend! Hugs!

  9. intriguing ...how far will she go before saying NO?