Saturday, January 23, 2016

The East facing an onslaught

                                                                                   Author: Pudelek (Marcin Szala)
The Severity of the Cold  (here)

The East facing an onslaught
Brace yourselves for it is now
two feet of snow and counting
Fun though as it had not been
this severe lately.
(140 characters)

Life is ever changing remaining
static is regressive,strive to greater
heights by exploiting technology
to make it work for than against
(140 characters)

Kerry's hosting at Word count with MZ
at Real Toads - to write a twitter-like poem
of not exceeding 140 characters


  1. I'm not much for snow Hank. But between your poem and the picture, you make me want to be ont the ski slope, on the trail in your picture. I suppose my skiing days are over with my knee joint transplant.
    It's hard to beat technology and hard to keep up with it too. I worked as an aerospace engineer for 17 years. Three at spy satellite tracking and 14 at NASA Houston.
    Nice poems, I'm trying tie the two together. 'Work and play' onslaughts?

    1. Any sports of cold or warm surroundings would be most welcomed at any age. It's fitness that counts. Hank has now given way his golf clubs. If ever just brisk walking would be still in the works.


  2. Great captures in your two twitter poems. Thanks for playing along, Hank.

  3. I love the magic of snow... Somehow it gives us an oppurtunity to relax.

  4. Some places got it. We didn't. Bummer.

  5. this year, i learned to skates. been in canada for 6 winters and never tried anything fun, aside from tasting it (LOL) and walk and take pictures of it. i cannot say i love the winter but i definitely love to skates.

    the poems are well written again Pareng Hank!

  6. So glad it skipped us. Not a fan of snow one bit.

  7. you've said it well in these two tweety poems!

  8. Love the title!
    This makes this desert girl long for some snow...

  9. Ever changing nature. We too are facing a cold wave, but I guess we humans only are responsible for all this.

  10. Hope the East don't get too much snow Hank, all we get at the moment is rain. Great verse.

  11. We are coping with our snow. Some have the added issue of flooding.
    I'm getting some stuff done on my 'day off' :)

    Cheers, Jules