Thursday, January 7, 2016

The love of a cowboy's life in the open

                                                                                                                              Photo: W E Bowman
Image:  Let 'er buck, a story
of the passing of the old West" (1921) (here)
to view the book on line (here)

Sunday's Whirligig 12 given words:
rising weaving greenness tears odd bitten 
picking heard bow digital wounded bullet

3WW given words:
frenzy eager guzzle

Given to the hard life a life full of excitement
Rising in the morning even beating the sun at it
In a frenzy to be at the market
Eager to be arriving early before others
Weaving through the grazing greenness of the land
A cattle drive will take days

In between resting through tears and laughter
Guitar strumming and beer guzzling
at night around the camp-fire
An odd evergreen of a country-song
belted in the cool of the evening
The love of a cowboy's life in the open

Bitten by the bug a cowpoke, buckeroo or what have you
Picking from the wild wild west kind of stories
Heard of grand westerns like the classic
Let 'er buck, a story of the passing of the old West
with photos by Bowman
converted into a digital make
In keeping with modern technology

All the makings of a good western will be there
Bronco busting in good times
Cattle rustling in bad times
Those wounded or dead with their boots on
A bullet right at the center of the forehead
If only to have all of the images preserved and
kept in place for posterity

The cowboys depicted in the book may be nameless
but their contributions will be just as significant as
that of Tom Mix, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers
and as familiar as John Wayne and Gary Cooper
to that of Clint Eastwood and Franco Nero
All cowboy stalwarts but at different times of history!

Details of the Digitized version:
Title: Let 'er buck, a story of the passing of the old West
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: Furlong, Charles Wellington, 1874-
Subjects: Frontier and pioneer life Cowboys
Publisher: New York, Putnam
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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Thomg's 3WW #461
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  1. You have captured the magic of cowboy life perfectly - just like the films...

  2. That is the cowboy way. Such a rough life.

  3. Wouldn't want the cowboy life what so ever. They sure all made some kind of difference.

  4. I think the real world is better captured in the images than in the romanticized stories we are used to hear.

  5. You mentioned many names of the movie or television cowboys that I enjoyed watching as a kid, Hank. A fun poem to did great with all the prompt words!

  6. How clever to weave all those words into a narrative poem.You take us on a journey.

  7. "A bullet right at the center of the forehead
    If only to have all of them preserved and
    kept in place for posterity"

    Loved this.

  8. WeLL.. wheRe i live
    tHere are still fArms
    and cowboys..
    there's guns
    and talks
    of fights..
    hell.. even
    talk of
    going against
    the gubermint
    with guns.. ugh..
    Red states
    for cowboys..
    Blue states
    for dudes..
    i wanna be
    a cowboy..
    but only
    for the strength..
    and courage that
    comes from livin'
    wildin' free.. i'll
    live the fancy
    dude Love
    state way..;)

  9. I don't think I can live through that...and Clint E is my favorite actor ~ Happy New Year Hank ~


  10. I'm a bit of a Western buff, as my BLACKTHORNE series attests, but what's nice about this piece is that it touches on & embraces real history, while tipping the Stetson at the drug store types; nice job.

  11. Well done Hank on a true outllok of a cowboy's life. Freat reading,

  12. Lots of sounds and colour and visuals in this portrayal of market day and a tough way of life!

  13. the icon of the cowboy is a powerful one and shrouded in a mix of both romantic myth and a harsher reality - that is what I got from this.. and if it passes the Glenn test, then it's done the job for sure... Happy New Year Hank

  14. I loved the way you reviewed the book (which I'll certainly look for) linking up with old movie western stars etc. with this delightful poem ... great job!